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Parks and Open Spaces in Windsor and Maidenhead


The Royal Borough manages around 1,977,911 sq m/ 198 hectares of parks and open spaces. The Parks team achieved Purple Flag status for eight of their parks in 2013 - Braywick, Desborough, Grenfell, Kidwells and Oaken Grove in Maidenhead and Alexandra Gardens, Goswells, Clewer Memorial Recreation Ground and Home Park in Windsor.

Within these parks, open spaces and play areas, there are opportunities for sports activities, informal play, a brisk walk or a gentle stroll in pleasant surroundings.

BBQ's are not permitted in any of the parks and open spaces.

You Tube clip of ParksYou Tube clip of Maidenhead Parks and open spaces

You Tube clip of Windsor Parks and open spaces.

The largest open space in the Borough is Windsor Great Park, set in 5,000 acres and includes Savill Garden within its landscape. For full details see the Crown Estate webpage.

The Thicket in Maidenhead is jointly managed by the National Trust and the Royal Borough.

Bisham Woods is managed by Woodlands Trust.

A number of other open spaces are maintained by local parish councils, which can be contacted individually.

Why not consider the environment when you're planning a trip to the park. See our useful passenger transport links and our cycle routes webpages.

Holding Events in our Parks or buildings within our Parks i.e. Bandstand

If you would like to hold an event in our parks in the the buildings such as our new Bandstand in Alexandra Gardens please use the Event Booking Form on the list to the right of this page.

Mobile Gardening Teams

Regularly visit sites to ensure that the defined standards are maintained within parks. The gardening staff ensrue that the quality and range of horticultural features such as grass and litter collection, flower and shrub beds, hedges, playgrounds and outdoor sports facilities are all maintained appropriately and that standards of cleanliness and health and safety are achieved by regular inspection.

The Royal Borough Open Spaces are provided for your enjoyment, please help us keep them clean and tidy;

  • Please use the dog litter bins provided
  • Please do not play Golf
  • Unauthorised vehicles are not permitted on the park areas
  • Please ensure that you keep your dog under control or on a lead at all times

Commemorative Planting

In November 2008 a new tree-planting donation scheme was started.

Football Pitches

Pitches are available for hire at the Leisure Centres and some Borough Parks....

RBWM Park Rangers

Our Rangers carryout practical conservation work and environmental education as well as organising events and activities.

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