Football Pitch Hire and Other Sports

Seasonal hire of Royal Borough GRASS football pitches

  • Football season runs from September to April each year.
  • Pitches can be hired for the whole season (every week) or half season (every other week)
  • All games are played at weekends and teams are normally affiliated to a recognised league
  • Please note we do not take bookings for single games

GRASS pitches are available at:

 Prior to the start of the season (normally May/June time) - application forms, Conditions of Hire and price lists are sent to all clubs who have played on our pitches the previous season and also to any we have on our waiting list. In early August - Area Managers and the Administration Officer will allocate pitches for the coming season (priority is given to clubs who have played on our pitches previously) and any spare capacity will be allocated to teams based on the date their application form was received in the office.

If you wish to place your name on the waiting list please contact Outdoor Facilities on 01628 796482 or email

Alternative Grass Pitches

Some Parish Councils also offer pitch hire.

All Weather Pitches:

All weather pitches at Braywick Park can be booked via the Magnet Leisure Centre.

Other Sports:

 A number of our larger parks offer sports as follows: Home Park in Windsor for archery, cricket, rugby and tennis; Braywick Park, Maidenhead for archery, athletics, and rugby; bowls and tennis at Oaken Grove Park in Maidenhead; bowls and tennis at The Goswells in Windsor and tennis at Kidwells Park in Maidenhead.

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