Clewer Memorial Recreation Ground and Play Area

Clewer Memorial New play area viewImage of outdoor table tennis table at Clewer

Size: 49,485 m2
A walk around the perimeter of this 5 hectare park will contribute 2,000 steps to the advised 10,000 daily steps recommended to improve fitness

BBQ's are not permitted in any of the parks and open spaces.

Location & Access Details

The Park is located on Dedworth Road, Windsor and can be access by car and pedestrians from here

Pedestrians can also enter the park from Oak Lane, East Crescent and Shirley Avenue link for location details of Dedworth Road.


  • Car Parking
  • Public toilets (available when Cafe open)
  • Football pitches and sports pavilion
  • Play area for 3 - 16 year olds
  • Games area for teenagers
  • Multi-use Games Area (shared with the School)
  • Cafe (Summer opening 8am until 5pm daily)
  • Dog free picnic area

Clewer Memorial Recreation Ground is a popular park, providing lots of opportunities for local residents to enjoy various outdoor activities.


A Green Flag was awarded to Clewer Memorial Recreation Ground in July 2012 for the third time in recognition of achieving the national standard for parks and green spaces in England & Wales.

User Group

A User Group has been set up to ensure that the park is meeting the needs of the local community as far as possible. The Group includes sports users of the park, local residents, community wardens and RBWM representatives.

If you have any comments or suggestions for improvements to the Park, or if you are interested in joining the User Group please get in touch at

Current work at Clewer Memorial Recreation Ground

New paths are proposed to allow better access to the facility and the rest of the park, as well as picnic tables and new planting.

Clewer Memorial Recreation Ground Management Plan 2009 - 2019

Please find below the site plans for the work in the Recreation Ground and the Pavilion starting in April 2014

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