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  • All Resident Permits - Applications and renewals are now free of charge.
  • Permits are for the use of the resident of a property, at their home address if he/she does not have other parking facilities e.g. garage, driveway or hard-standing.
  • Obtaining a Parking Permit does not guarantee a parking space but it does allow you to park in the relevant Residential Zone.
  • The permits are valid from the date the completed application is received by the council for a period of 12 months. It is advisable to apply for your permit before you move into the property and prior to the expiry of your exisiting permit.

Permitted Developments

All premises converted under Permitted Development Scheme are not eligible to apply for a Resident Parking Permit, due to the parking being oversubscribed.

Eligible Roads

Not all roads are eligible for a Permit - to see if your road is eligible for a permit please see the PDF - Resident Roads below. The permits are not transferable and can only be used in the Zone that is printed on your permit. Permit parking is only allowed within the designated resident or shared use bays, please ensure you check the signage when parking your vehicle. The PDF below- Where I can Park shows the roads where resident or shared use bays are located - please check signage and lines at the location before parking to confirm eligibility.

Application Procedure

Resident Permits applications and renewals can be done by using the Online Application. You can also apply for a permit by completing and sending off the application form found below. Please note that CHANGES to vehicles cannot be done online due to the fact that the old permit needs to be returned. You will be required to provide the following: (these documents must be dated within 3 months except the Council Tax Bill which should be the current year.)
  • Proof of Residency i.e. Council Tax Bill; Tenancy Agreement; Recent Utility / Telephone Bill , Benefit / Pension Book, Schedule of Motor Insurance, Bank / Building Society or Credit Card Statement, Property Lease / Purchase Agreement.
  • Proof of Ownership of the Vehicle i.e. DVLA Form ; Insurance Document, Company Letter, Lease Agreement, Hire Agreement, Purchase invoice.

Renewal Procedure

A letter of renewal will normally be sent approximately 4-6 weeks before expiry- however, it remains the responsibility of the Permit Holder to renew the permit prior to its expiry date as shown on the permit. Permits will not be back dated to cover the issue of any Penalty Charge Notices. The Permit can be renewed in one of two ways:

  • Complete the the online form using the link.
  • OR by returning the Application Form where necessary to the Council. A proof of residency / ownership is not required if the details are the same.

Change of Vehicle

In order to apply for a change of permit eg in respect of a change of vehicle/ registration number or address the following documents are required to be sent by POST only:

  • Return of the current permit
  • Resident Permit Application form
  • Proof of ownership of the vehicle (for change of vehicle) or proof of address (for change of address)

Changes of Vehicle only cannot be actioned online and must be done by postal request.

After submitting your application to change your permit you will be able to obtain a temporary residents permit. A temporary permit will be valid for a maximum period of seven days which will allow a sufficent timescale for you to provide the necessary proofs for the ammendment of your annual permit.

Lost or Stolen

If your permit is lost/stolen or destroyed you will need to contact the Council immediately.

Moving Away

When you leave a property (even if only to move to another property in the Permit Zone) the permit must be returned immediately.

All personal data will be treated with the strictest confidence - for more information please see the privacy statement.
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