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Challenge your PCN

If the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) is paid at any stage of the appeal process, the case will be considered as closed. Any challenges or comments will not be considered or responded to.

If you believe that the penalty should not have been issued you will need to contact us as soon as possible by one of the following methods.

Please Note: The On-Line Challenge forms are unable to accept scanned or uploaded images. If you wish to submit these please do so by e-mail to: parking@rbwm.gov.uk

Informal Challenge

I have just received a Penalty Charge Notice

On-Line Challenge Form

All challenges must be in writing, we cannot accept challenges or make decisions over the telephone (Please allow up to 48 hours from the issue for the penalty to appear on the system). An informal challenge can only be made prior to the Notice to Owner (NtO) being issued. Please allow 10 working days for the reply. You can challenge the penalty by one of the following methods;

If the challenge is received within 14 days of the contravention any discount applicable will be frozen until a reply is issued. Please ensure that the following information is included with your challenge:

  • PCN Number
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Your Name and Address, e-mail address if applicable (for the reply)
  • Copies of Pay & Display Tickets - if applicable (please keep originals for your records)
  • Any other supporting evidence

If your Informal Challenge is refused the Council will generally offer an extended discount period for payment. However, if you still believe the penalty should not be paid you should wait for the Notice to Owner.

Formal Challenge

I have received a Notice to Owner (NtO) or Regulation 10 PCN (Served by Post)

On-line formal challenge form

Notice of Representation is required by one of the following methods:

  • complete the reverse of the Notice to Owner or Regulation 10 PCN and send it to the address given on the form or
  • complete the on-line formal challenge form (Please have the WebCode to hand as it appears on the letter)
  • by sending an e-mail to : parking@rbwm.gov.uk

All Formal Challenges will be considered on an individual basis, if the Council allows the challenge you will receive a 'Notice of Acceptance' but if not, you will receive a 'Notice of Rejection'.

Traffic Penalty Tribunal

If you receive a 'Notice of Rejection' you can appeal to an Independent Parking Adjudicator within 28 days.

In order to lodge an appeal with an Independent Adjudicator, please complete the appeal form enclosed with the 'Notice of Rejection'. Appeals to the Adjudicator can only be considered after the Council has rejected your 'Formal Challenge'.

Charge Certificate and Debt Registration

If no payment or challenge is submitted a 'Charge Certificate' will be issued whereby the penalty will increase by 50%. It is not possible to challenge a Charge Certificate. However, if you do not pay the Charge Certificate within 14 days the Council may register the debt at Northampton County Court - Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC). TEC will then send you a court order. At this stage it is possible to make a witness statement challenging the court order on one of the four grounds explained within the TEC documents.

If payment is not made within 21 days of the court order being served, the Council will obtain a warrant from the County Court and bailiffs will be instructed..

If no challenge is received

If no challenge is received we will write to the DVLA after a period of 28 days to obtain the Registered Keeper's details (Owners Liability applies). When these are received a Notice to Owner will be sent to the registered keeper with the details of the contravention. If no reply is received the case will progress as above.

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