Parking Enforcement Frequently Asked Questions

Your Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) will cost £70 or £50, however if you pay within 14 days of issue the cost is reduced to £35/£25.

  1. What are the charges for a parking contravention?
  2. How do I pay for my parking contravention?
  3. I have received a Penalty Charge Notice despite stating that I’ve applied for a New Resident Permit?
  4. How do I Challenge a parking contravention?
  5. Why would I get a Penalty Charge Notice?
  6. Why did I get a PCN when I left a note stating I had broken down?
  7. I have already paid my Penalty Charge Notice, but you have sent me a Notice to Owner?
  8. Who is responsible for paying the PCN?
  9. I no longer own this vehicle?
  10. If I submit a challenge, will I lose the right to pay at the discounted amount?
  11. Where do I find a challenge form for a parking contravention?
  12. Can I come into your offices to discuss my challenge?
  13. How long will it be before I receive a reply to my challenge?
  14. My challenge has been rejected. I don't agree, what happens next?
  15. I have been contacted by Bailiffs. Can I dispute the penalty now?
  16. I have received a court order, can I dispute the penalty now.?
  17. How will this Special Parking Area (SPA) affect you?
  18. What is a Special Parking Area?
  19. What will Parking attendants do?
  20. Who enforces Yellow Lines?
  21. Why have I been Clamped?
  22. What can I do about a vehicle causing obstruction in my road?

Contact Information:

Email enquiries to Parking - CSC

By post: CSC (Parking Section), RBWM, Town Hall, St Ives Road, Maidenhead, Berks SL6 1RF

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