Parking - Car Parks Frequently Asked Questions

On-Street Parking

Blue Badge holders are not permitted to park in Resident Only bays, Taxi bays, Bus Stops, Loading Bays/Zones and Clearways,

Blue Badge holders can park in shared use bays (Resident and Pay and Display), On-Street Pay and Display areas and Limited Waiting areas for the maximum time as displayed on the signage present.

There is a maximum stay of three hours in any On-Street disabled parking bay.

Off-Street Car Parks

Blue Badge holders can park free of charge in any Borough Car Park when displaying a valid Blue Badge. They must adhere to the maximum stated time for each car park as outlined on the Tariff Board. To avoid the risk of receiving a Penalty Charge Notice all vehicles must be parked within the bay markings.

Please note: that vehicles displaying a Blue Badge which are parked causing an obstruction or using a badge in a fraudulent manner, will have their details noted and passed to the Thames Valley Police and the appropriate issuing Borough.

For further information on car parks in the borough, please visit our Parking web pages, or for blue badge parking information, please see the Blue Badge disabled parking scheme permit web page.

Make sure the badge is displayed and all rules observed. You can also park on double yellow lines provided obstruction is not being caused.

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Contact Information:

By telephone: 01628 683880

Email enquiries to Parking - CSC

By post: CSC (Parking Section), RBWM, Town Hall, St Ives Road, Maidenhead, Berks SL6 1RF

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