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Superfast Broadband

Back the demand for superfast broadband

Link to Superfast Berkshire websiteMore than 5,000 people living and working in the Royal Borough's rural areas don't have the benefit of superfast broadband, or they have very poor service.

If you are one of them or your business is affected, now's the time to register your interest and show the superfast broadband providers that there is a demand.

All you need to do is :

  • Visit Superfast Berkshire and register - without any commitment to buy - that you want superfast broadband to be available where you live or work.
  • You can also register by calling 01635 503003.

Superfast broadband is great for businesses, gives seamless streaming of video and makes downloading music, internet banking, shopping, social media and the posting of messages for community groups much easier.

The Royal Borough has joined with the five other Berkshire local authorities to get residents involved and demonstrate to service providers that there are enough potential users to make their investment worthwhile.

The government has allocated £1.43m to help roll out superfast broadband in Berkshire and all six local councils are contributing towards match funding - here in the Royal borough we have pledged £400,000. What's missing is investment from internet providers who need to upgrade local telecoms cabinets with fibre optic connections. They won't do that without evidence that the demand is there.

Parish councils have been asked to get involved and nominate superfast champions - volunteers to take the campaign into the heart of their own communities to encourage people to register.

Register today at Superfast Berkshire or call 01635 503003.

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