Location of War Memorials in the Royal Borough

Below is a list of locations of War Memorials within the Borough. If there are any Memorials that are not included or if the details are incorrect please contact democratic.services@rbwm.gov.uk


  • Ascot Cross


  • All Saints Church, Bisham
  • St James the Less Church, Stubbings


  • Braywood Memorial Hall, Fifield
  • High Street, Bray
  • Holyport Green, Holyport (at junction of Holyport Street and Ascot Road)
  • Holyport War Memorial Hall, Moneyrow Green
  • St Michaels Church, Bray


  • Cookham Cross, High Street, Cookham
  • Cookham Dean (on the village Green at the corner of Church Road and Village Green)
  • Holy Trinity Church, Cookham
  • St John the Babtist Church, Cookham Dean


  • Baptist Chapel, London Road, Datchet
  • St Mary The Virgin Church, Datchet
  • The Green, Datchet


  • Eton College
  • Eton Town Council, 102 High Street, Eton
  • Eton Wick Memorial, Eton Wick Road , Eton Wick
  • Eton Wick Methodist Church, Eton Wick
  • St John The Baptist Church, Eton Wick


  • St Mary the Virgin Church, Hurley
  • St Peters Church, Knowl Hill
  • Gilchrist Thomas Village Hall, Littlewick Green
  • St John the Evangelist Church, Littlewick Green
  • St Lawrences Church, Waltham St Lawrence
  • St Marys Church, White Waltham White Waltham Cricket Pitch (at junction of Waltham Road and Butchers Lane), White Waltham
  • At the junction of Twyford Road and The Street ("Paradise Crossroads"), Waltham St. Lawrence
  • Inside the Star Works entrance, Star Lane, Knowl Hill (to the men of Star Works who served and died in WW1)


  • All Saints Church, Boyn Hill Road
  • Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Marlow Road
  • Furze Platt Memorial Hall
  • Jubilee Community Church, Marlow Road
  • Methodist Church, High Street
  • St Joseph's Memorial Hall, Cookham Road
  • St Lukes Church, Norfolk Road
  • St Mark's Hospital Church, Courthouse Road
  • St Peter's Church, St Peter's Road
  • Town Hall, St Ives Road


  • Holy Trinity Church, Curch Road
  • St Michael and All Angels Church, Church Lane

Sunninghill and South Ascot

  • All Souls Church, All Souls Road


  • All Saints Church, Frances Road, Dedworth
  • Barry Avenue/Goswell Road, "A" Sgd, Berks Yeomanry War Memorial
  • Brocas Chantry in the Church of St Andrew, Clewer
  • Clewer Memorial Recreation Ground, Dedworth Road
  • Holy Trinity Church,
  • King Edward VII Hospital Memorial Panel
  • Post Office Memorial, Peascod Street
  • St John the Baptist Church, High Street
  • Windsor Boys School Memorial Panel

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