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Councillors are elected every four years by the people who live in the Royal Borough. There are 23 electoral wards (shown below) and each ward is represented by up to three Councillors. The number of Councillors per ward is representative of the number of people living in that area; for example, smaller wards have one councillor, whereas larger ones will have two or three.

The Borough's 57 Councillors are listed alphabetically below. Click on the Councillor's name below for further details. If you are not sure who your local Councillor is, please click on the map below to find out details about the Councillors that represent your Ward. If you are unsure which Ward you live you can us the My House - Find an Address search facility to view local information relating to your address, including the council ward and councillors.

Full list of Councillors by Ward (pdf 481kb)

If you have a general enquiry regarding Councillors, please telephone 01628 796319 or e-mail: democratic.services@rbwm.gov.uk

Correspondence for Councillors can be sent to their home address or to Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, c/o Democratic Services Unit, Town Hall, St Ives Road, Maidenhead SL6 1RF.


A - J  K - Y 
Councillor Natasha Airey
Councillor Sinead Archer
Councillor Christine Bateson
Councillor George Bathurst
Councillor Phillip Bicknell
Councillor Paul Brimacombe
Councillor Clive Bullock
Councillor David Burbage
Councillor Peter Comber
Councillor David Coppinger
Councillor Carwyn Cox
Councillor Simon Dudley
Councillor David Evans
Councillor James Evans
Councillor Sue Evans
Councillor Jesse Grey
Councillor Christian Harris
Councillor Geoffrey Hill
Councillor David Hilton
Councillor Charles Hollingsworth
Councillor Maureen Hunt
Councillor Mohammed Ilyas
Councillor Andrew Jenner
Councillor Richard Kellaway
Councillor John Lenton
Councillor Paul Lion
Councillor Philip Love
Councillor Sayonara Luxton
Councillor Asghar Majeed
Councillor Duncan McBride
Councillor Ross McWilliams
Councillor Simon Meadowcroft
Councillor Marion Mills
Councillor Gary Muir
Councillor Eileen Quick
Councillor Colin Rayner
Councillor MJ Saunders
Councillor Hari Sharma
Councillor Derek Sharp
Councillor Adam Smith
Councillor Claire Stretton
Councillor John Stretton
Councillor John Story
Councillor Leo Walters
Councillor Derek Wilson
Councillor Lynda Yong

The Group of Five

Councillor Malcolm Beer (Group Leader) (Old Windsor Residents' Association)
Councillor George Fussey (Liberal Democrat)
Councillor Lynne Jones (Old Windsor Residents' Association)
Councillor Kathryn Newbound (Liberal Democrat)
Councillor Simon Werner (Liberal Democrat)

West Windsor Independent Group

Councillor Wisdom Da Costa
Councillor John Fido (Group Leader)
Councillor John Penfold


Councillor Tom Bursnall
Councillor Catherine Bursnall


Councillor Peter Lawless

To view your Councillors, please click on the Ward below.

A map outlining the Borough's wards

Please select a ward:

Ascot and Cheapside Ascot and Cheapside, Belmont Belmont, Bisham and Cookham Bisham and Cookham, Boyn Hill Boyn Hill, Bray Bray, Castle Without Castle Without, Clewer East Clewer East, Clewer North Clewer North, Clewer South Clewer South, Cox Green Cox Green, Datchet Datchet, Eton and Castle Eton and Castle, Eton Wick Eton Wick, Furze Platt Furze Platt, Horton and Wraysbury Horton and Wraysbury, Hurley and Walthams Hurley and Walthams, Maidenhead Riverside Maidenhead Riverside, Oldfield Oldfield, Old Windsor Old Windsor, Park Park, Pinkneys Green Pinkneys Green, Sunningdale Sunningdale or Sunninghill and South Ascot Sunninghill and South Ascot.

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