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Members of the Overview and Scrutiny Panels

The Overview and Scrutiny Panels are responsible for ensuring that the "Executive" accounts for its performance in implementing the Council's policies and strategies effectively. The Panels have the authority to ask Cabinet Members and Senior Officers to attend meetings to explain their actions and decisions taken.

N.B. - The Chairmen and Vice Chairmen of the Panels are appointed at the Panels's first meeting in the current Municipal year.

Adult Services and Health Overview and Scrutiny Panel

Chairman: Cllr Ilyas
Vice-Chairman: Cllr Carroll
Councillors M Airey, Hollingsworth, Lenton, Yong (C), Mrs Jones (TGOT)

Mrs Sheila Holmes (Healthwatch)

Substitutes: Councillors Dr L Evans, Majeed, mrs Mills, Miss Pryer, Story, Mrs Luxton (C), 1 vacancy (TGOT)

Children's Services Overview and Scrutiny Panel

Chairman: Cllr D Evans
Vice-Chairman: Cllr Hollingsworth
Councillors McWilliams, Mrs Mills, Richards, E Wilson (C), Mrs Jones (TGOT)

Mr Moss (Portsmouth Diocesan Representative), Mr Carmichael (Oxford Diocesan Representative), Tanya White (Secondary Headteacher), Mr Louden (Secondary Governors).

Substitutes: Councillors Bhatti, Mrs Hunt, Ilyas, Majeed, Sharma, Story (C), 1 vacancy (TGOT)

Corporate Services Overview and Scrutiny Panel

Chairman: Cllr Kellaway
Vice-Chairman: Cllr Smith
Councillors Dr L Evans, Kellaway, McWilliams, Rankin, Saunders (C), Werner (TGOT)

Substitutes: Councillors Cllrs D Evans, Gilmore, Grey, Lenton, Mrs S Rayner, Story (C), 1 vacancy (TGOT)

Crime and Disorder Overview and Scrutiny Panel

Chairman: Cllr Hilton
Vice Chairman: Cllr Story
Councillors Bhatti, Bowden, Sharma, Mrs Targowska (C), Werner (TGOT)

Substitutes: Councillors Alexander, Bullock, Muir, Ilyas, Jenner, Shelim (C), Beer (TGOT)

Highways, Transport and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Panel

Chairman: Cllr Grey
Vice-Chairman: Cllr Sharma
Councillors Gilmore, Mrs Hunt, Lion, Miss Pryer, (C), Beer (TGOT)

Substitutes: Councillors Cllrs D Evans, Hilton, Story, Sharp, Richards, Mrs Yong (C), 1 vacancy (TGOT)

Culture and Communities Overview and Scrutiny Panel

Chairman: tbc
Vice-Chairman: tbc
Councillors: Bullock, Grey, Gilmore, Majeed, Mrs S Rayner (C), Werner (TGOT)

Substitutes: Bhatti, Ilyas, Lenton, Mrs Mills, Shelim (C), 1 vacancy (TGOT)

Planning and Housing Overview and Scrutiny Panel

Chairman: Cllr Walters
Vice-Chairman: Cllr Alexander
Councillors Clark, D Evans, Hilton, S Rayner (C), Beer (TGOT)

Substitutes: Councillors M Airey, Bullock, Mrs Luxton, Saunders, Smith, Mrs Yong (C), 1 vacancy (TGOT)

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