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Declaration of Interests in Meeting - Guidance Note

Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

If the matter being considered relates to, or is likely to affect, an interest which is in your Register of Interests, you must state this. You must not further participate in any vote or discussion at the meeting. It is a criminal offence if you do so.

Please refer to the Code of Conduct Appendix 4 for the definition of disclosable pecuniary interests, which are recorded in the Register.

You should make the declaration of interest at the beginning of the meeting, or as soon as you are aware that you have an interest in the matter being discussed. You are not able to make any presentations but do not have to leave the room. In order to avoid any accusations of taking part in the meeting, it is suggested that you leave the room or at least move to the public area.

If the interest declared has not been entered on to your Register of Interests, you must also notify the Monitoring Officer in writing within the next 28 days following the meeting. If you do not do so, this is also a criminal offence.

If the issue being discussed is not one defined as a disclosable pecuniary interest, but affects you more, either positively or negatively, than other people in the Ward to which it relates, or you have a conflict of interest, legal advice on this should be obtained from the Monitoring Officer or Legal Officer before participating in the meeting.

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