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The Studio


Yoga and Pilates





Magnet Leisure Centre, Holmanleaze, Maidenhead SL6 8AW
01628 685333 : magnet@rbwm.gov.uk

A modern air conditioned, extended Studio with wooden sprung floor and a great atmosphere for you to enjoy your workout! This full & varied timetable should appeal to all, whether you thrive on traditional aerobics or prefer the challenges presented by Circuits or our Bodypump sessions. There no classes on Bank Holidays.

All the classes advertised run continuously throughout the year unless they are pay up front term time classes. Classes are on a first come first served basis you will need book in at main reception or Bodyzone reception for each class before attending.

Classes by day Some of the specific classes
Mondays Ballet
Adult Ballet

Combat Academy UK

Wednesdays We'llSpin
Thursdays Urban Dance Company
Fridays Yoga/Pilates
Saturdays General Notes


Time Class Level
8am-9am Cardiac Circuits Referal
9.15am-10am Lets Get Active 50+ Beginner
10am-10.55am Step 'n' Pump General
11.15am-12.15pm Zumba General

11.30am - 1pm

IyengarYoga General (Tricia Brooks)
1pm-2pm 50+ Circuits Beginners
6pm-6.55pm Half 'n' Half Beginner/General


Yogalates General (Tricia Brooks)
7pm-8pm Super Circuits General
7pm-8.30pm Taekwon-Do All levels (01753 862593)
7.15pm-8.15pm Zumba General


Yogalates General (Tricia Brooks)
8pm-9.15pm Bodypump General


Time Class Level
6.35am-7.35am RAW General
9.15am-10am Body Combat General
10am-10.55am Aerobics/Total BC Beginner/General


IyengarYoga General (Karen Wheeler)
1pm-1.45pm Body Pump General
6pm-6.55pm Aerobics/Total BC General
6pm-7pm Body Combat General
7pm-7.55pm BLT Blitz General
7.30pm-8.30pm Judo All levels (01628 824928)
8pm-8.55pm Aerobics Beginner/General

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Time Class Level
9am-10am Cardiac Circuits Referal

9.30am - 10.30am

Fitsteps General
10am-11am Aerobics/Total BC Beginner/General


Pilates General (Karen Wheeler)
1pm-2pm Different Strokes Referal
6pm-7pm Body Pump General


Imporvers Pilates General
7.15pm-8.15pm Zumba Beginner/General
7pm-8pm Ski-Fit Beginner/General
7.30pm-9.30pm Kung-Fu & Kick Boxing All levels (01628 630840)
8pm-8.55pm Aerobatone General


Time Class Level
8am-9am Cardiac Circuits Referal
10am-11am New Body Beginner/General
11.30am-12.30pm Zumba General


Pilates General
1pm-2pm 50+ Circuits General


Tai Chi General
5pm-6pm Kids Kick Boxing 5-12yrs
6pm-6.55pm Aerobics/Total BC General


Pilates General
7pm-8pm Body Pump General


RAW General
7.30pm-9pm Iyengar Yoga General (Tricia Brooks)


FitSteps General

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Time Class Level
6.35am-7.30am RAW
9.15am-10am Lets Get Active 50+ Beginner


IyengarYoga General (Karen Wheeler)
10am-11am Step 'n' Pump General
11.30am-12.30pm Full Body Stretch General
2pm-4pm SMILE Ballroom
4pm-7.15m Tiska Karate All levels


IyengarYoga General (Karen Wheeler)


Time Class Level


RAW Boot Camp
10am-10.55am Fatblaster Advanced
11am-11.30am Body Conditioning General
11am-12noon Kids Kick Boxing 5-12yrs


Time Class Level


10am-10.55am Anything Goes Beginner/General


Pregnant Pilates
11am-12noon Body Pump General
12noon-1pm Kung-Fu & Kick Boxing All levels (01628 630840)

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Classes are taken by fully qualified teachers teaching syllabus from the RAD or NATD examining boards. Pupils are encouraged to take exams, although not compulsory. Children also have the chance to perform in the Pat Steel School of Dance show held every 2 years. Children in the lower grades need to bring their favourite toy with them and a magic wand! Tel: 01494 528751.

Day & Time Class Level Teacher
Monday 3.45pm-4.15pm 3yr olds Ballet ^ Pre-School Candy Barker
Monday 3.50pm-4.20pm 4yr olds Ballet ^ Pre-School Trina Lucas
Monday 4.20pm-5.05pm Grade 6 Ballet ^ Teenage Candy Barker
Monday 4.25pm-4.55pm Pre Primary Ballet ^ School Age Trina Lucas
Monday 5.05pm-5.50pm Grade 8 Ballet ^ Teenage Candy Barker
Monday 5pm-5.45pm Primary Ballet ^ School Age Trina Lucas
Tuesday 3.40pm-4.10pm 3/4 yr old Ballet ^ Pre-School Candy Barker
Tuesday 4.10pm-4.40pm Preliminary Ballet ^ School Age Tel 01494 528751
Tuesday 4.40pm-5.10pm Grade 1 Ballet ^ School Age Candy Barker
Tuesday 5.10pm-5.50pm Grade 2 Ballet ^ School Age Tel 01494 528751

Adult Ballet

Adult Ballet General Level classes by fully qualified teacher, Katherine Marks L.I.S.T.D & CDE. Contact 07939 308655 for further details.
Day & Time Class Level
Monday 10.00am - 11.00am Adult Ballet General Level
Tuesday 11.15am - 12.15pm Adult Ballet General Level
Thursday 10.00am - 11.00am Adult Ballet General Level

Combat Academy UK

Our Saturday morning session is for those, 15 years of age and older. If you would like some information on our very popular junior sessions, please visit the Combat Academy website for information. Beginners are most welcome.

Day & Time Class Level Teacher
Saturday 11.30am-1pm Combat Academy UK - Ju Jitsu All Ian Gauldie
01344 311131

Combat Academy UK offers high quality training in a fighting method which has its heritage in the oldest, and most effective of all the Martial Arts. Ju Jitsu is practised by millions of people world-wide today, its popularity is due to its practical applications and its fascinating concepts and philosophy. Training in the Martial Art of Ju Jitsu will give you an all round combative ability. We teach a proven structure that covers the core aspects of the Art from learning about the physical structure of the body to learning to fight on the ground.

Urban Dance Company (UDC)

Urban Dance Company (UDC) specialise in fresh 'n' funky street dance, hip-hop and break dance; offering weekly dance classes, workshops, birthday parties and theatre shows. At UDC, dancers will learn rhythm, technique and discipline in Street, Hip Hop and Break dance, as well as building confidence, respect for others and the ability to work as part of a team; building relationships when learning routines. Each dance term, all UDC classes train towards performing in a theatre show, showcasing skills and talents learnt throughout the term, as well as the dancers being able to perform with their choreographer.

We encourage everyone, whether dancers are budding poppers, lockers, street dancers, beginners, intermediate or advanced to fulfil their learning through our classes, as well as accomplishing each individual goal by learning original dances at varying paces.

Wednesdays Junior Street Dance class (4-11yrs)
: 5pm - 6pm
Price: £6 trial session

Thursdays Advanced Street & Hip Hop Dance class (12-18yrs+)
: 8.15pm - 9.15pm
Price: £6 trial session

Please also enquire about the 'StreetFit' class for adults starting soon.


FitSteps is a fitness class, delivered through dance. It is so much fun, you won't even realize you are getting fit!
Created by Ian Waite and Natalie Lowe from Strictly Come Dancing, FitSteps uses ballroom and Latin steps to create a really fun, energetic and effective way to stay fit and keep trim.

FitSteps is unique. It is the first time that classic Latin and Ballroom dances have been brought together with proven fitness techniques and principles to create not only a programme that is extremely appealing, but one that has the potential to make a real and lasting impact on your health.
No dance experience needed. No partner required. Just some energy, workout clothes and trainers / Zumba shoes.

Suitable for all ages (16+) and all fitness levels. Classes are fun, friendly and welcoming. £6.00 pay as you go
Every Wednesday at 9:30am - downstairs dance studio [starting 29th Jan 2014]
Every Thursday at 8:00pm - upstairs dance studio [starting 30th Jan 2014]
This class is not offered as part of the Magnet Leisure Centre 'All Inclusive' membership

If you have questions, please contact Shari Pay (tel) 07701 067330 or (email) sharipay@btinternet.com

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Levels explained

Level 1: A predominantly low impact class, introducing the use of sequences & routines. Keeping the intensity on the lower side, this class is great for those who haven't been to aerobics for a while.

Level 2: Using a combination of high and low impact moves, this class uses slightly more difficult routines and aims to keep the intensity at a higher level.

Level 3: A predominantly high impact class incorporating more difficult choreography and routines, keeping the intensity high. Targetted at those who want to challenge their co-ordination & fitness.

General notes:

  • Compulsory health screening at Windsor and Magnet available free of charge from BodyZone reception
  • Classes are subject to change, please check with the site to confirm
  • Please inform your instructor of any injuries, prenancy or special medical conditions that you may have before the class
  • Yoga and Mat Pilates classes at Windsor can be booked 7 days in advance for Advantage Card holder or 2 days in advance by non-cardholders
  • All Yoga at the Magnet is Iyengar Yoga and is suitable for all abilities.
  • Late entry not permitted after the first 10 minutes - warm up is an important part of the session
  • Make sure you take you receipt into the class as proof of payment
  • Classes that do not meet the minimum user requirement of 8 people will be removed from the programme following review
  • All instructors hold relevant qualifications, leaving you reassured in the knowledge that your class will be a safe and effective one.
  • All classes take place in the Studio unless otherwise stated.
  • Booking is essential for some classes marked with ^, other classes you can just turn up.

(updated 5 September 2012)

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