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Children's Parties (MLC)

Cheeky Charlie's Get Active website Roller Disco

Holmanleaze, Maidenhead SL6 8AW
magnet@rbwm.gov.uk : 01628 685333

We have a range of children's birthday parties to suit all tastes and age groups. All Cheeky Charlie's parties last 1 hour followed by 45 minutes in a party room. Party rooms are available from designated booking times. (Not always before your party starts).

For even more saving! Have your party during public opening times: (20 children maximum)

Party Price
Weekday public party £81.50
Weekend public party £98.20
Weekday Exclusive £115
Weekend Exclusive £138

Exclusive Hire

An opportunity not to be missed! Cheeky Charlie's is the only place around to do a private party! An hour of fun and games with your party host. A gift for your child from Cheeky Charlie per exclusive party! Extra gifts can be brought at £4.50 each. (30 children maximum). To check availability & party price please call our booking line - 01628 685333.

Please note: Cheeky Charlie's door will be locked after the last party leaves. Parents collecting children after their meal will therefore need to use the Magnet's main entrance.

Monty's Café telephone: - 01628 685339

Norbert's Party Options:

  • Regular Parties
  • Premium Parties
    Premium parties take place in the pearce suite. Each party is allocated 1.5 hours. Activities will finish after 1 hour followed by party food for 30 minutes. Access to the pearce suite is available 15 minutes prior to the start of your party.
  • Sima Action Kids

Regular Parties

Water walkersEver wanted to walk on water? New icon

Now you can in one of our new 'Water Walkerz'.

This highly amusing activity is fantastic fun for kids and a great idea for a unique and active Birthday Party. Enjoy an hour's use of the main pool for you and your friends to run across the water in our giant inflatable sphere. Available for parties for numbers of up to 12, and for anyone aged 5/6 and above. Children under 8 must be supervised at all times by an adult (2 to1 ratio).

1. Public Water Walkerz Party

Times: Fridays 4.45pm -5.45pm & 5.55pm- 6.55pm. Saturday & Sundays 3.45pm - 4.45pm

Party includes:
1 hour exclusive use of Water Walkerz during public session
4 Water Walkers
3 Staff
Target age group: 6yrs+
Maximum number: 12
Price: £133.50

2. Exclusive Water Walkerz Party

Times: Sundays only 4.55pm-5.55pm

Party includes:

1 hour exclusive use of Water Walkerz, Main Pool, floats & music.
4 Water Walker
4 Staff
Target age group: 5/6yrs+
Maximum number: 12
Price: £277.20

To book a party call 01628 685333.

3. Football Party

Football fun for all young football fanatics. We provide one hour of football action. Our coach will lead a session which includes fun warm ups, ball games, mini matches and penalty shoot outs. Parents can join in too! Suitable for up to 15 children
Target age group: 6yrs+
Maximum number of places: 15
Price: *£100.00/£106.00

4. Multi-Sports Party

For children that want a party with a sportier theme. Choose up to 3 sports from the list below and enjoy one hour of fun with your party host.

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Relays
  • Netball
  • Parachute Fun
  • Traditional party games (parents should provide items required)

Target age group: 6ys+
Maximum number of places: 15
Price: *££100.00/£106.00

5. Trampolining Party

Can't stop jumping on the bed? This is the one for you! A qualified trampolining coach will introduce you to different trampolining moves and play fun trampolining based games. (All children must wear socks).
Target age group: 6yrs+
Maximum number of places: 8
Price: *£106.00/£118.20

6. Puppy Power Party

Are you up to the challenge? Commando crawl through the net, squeeze through the tubes, wiggle through the web, master the stepping stones and finally negotiate the tunnel crawl. Available Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-2pm.
Target age group: 6yrs+
Maximum number of places: 15
Price: *£103.30/£115.15

7. Norbert's Bouncy Castle Party

Enjoy an hour of bouncy fun and games with your friends. Your party host will organise some fun games to play when you are all bounced out.
Target age group: 5yrs+
Maximum number of places: 15
Price: *£100.00/£106.00

8. Splash Party (Saturdays and Sundays only)

Have a load of splashtastic fun with all your friends in the Magnet pool! It's a great value option and you're guaranteed to enjoy your time in the pool! You'll need one adult supervising every two children under 8yrs.
Target age group: 5yrs+
Maximum number of places: 15
Price: *£2.20/3.50 per child/adult

9. Planet Skate Roller Disco

Boogie on down to all the latest chart sounds! Includes: VIP entry, skate hire and a complimentary drink and glow stick for you and all your guests. A table will be provided within the hall for you to use for your party base! Available 4.15pm-5.15pm and 5.45pm-7.30pm on Saturdays.
Maximum number of places: 15
Price: *£100.00/£106.00 (additional children will be charged at £6.80 each on the day.)

10. Nerf Dart Tag Parties

Nerf is the latest craze to have taken the UK by storm. Nerf dart tag is an exciting and exhilarating party experience suitable for any age from 8 upwards. Neft dart tag is a completely safe, fun, and competitive activity. Players use Nerf guns, which are fire safe, foam darts, as they play games around our Nerf Tag Zone.
The dart tag zone consists of numerous moveable obstacles and barricades that the players can use as tactical shelter. Price includes 1 hour activity in the main hall with sound effects and lighting plus 30 minutes in a separate party room for your food.
Maximum number of places:20
Price: £246.50

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Premium Parties

The ultimate party experience! Music, lighting and our party hosts all contribute to making your day one you and your friends will remember for a long time!

1. Charlie's Galleon Adventure

Cheeky Charlie's new party adventure on board his bouncy pirate galleon. With a large underwater themed soft play area and two party hosts to co-ordinate the fun and games.
Target age group: 3yrs+
Maximum number of places: 30
Price: £174.50

2. Go Karting Party

For children that like to be in the driving seat! A Go Karting party will give you and your guests a real driving experience. Enjoy the thrill of the race in our electric karts with speeds of between 1-6 mph. Who will be first off the line! Be on Pole position with your mates!
Target age group: 3-9yrs
Maximum number of places: 15
Price: £277.20 (includes: 4 karts, 2 party hosts, driving certificates for all children and a medal for the birthday boy/girl).

3. Go Karts & Charlie's Galleon Adventure

Charlie's galleon adventure and Go Karting combined to create the ultimate party experience!
Target age group: 3-9yrs
Maximum number of places: 24
Price: £328.60 (includes: 4 karts, galleon bouncer, large under water themed soft play area, 3 party hosts, driving certificates for all children and a medal for the birthday boy/girl.

4. Exclusive Roller Disco Party

Boogie on down to the latest chart sounds at your very own Roller Disco. With disco lights, stewards and skate hire all included. Our stewards will organise fun and games to keep you, your friends and even yor parents entertained.
Target age group: 5yrs+
Maximum number of places: 40
Price: £220.80

Sima Action Kids

  • Action Kids parties available for under 6s.
  • Dance parties, disco pop & karaoke parties availabel for under 11s.

Sima's unique bubbly personality and unlimited energy level makes her the ideal person to keep the children entertained.
Tel: 07956 993439
Email: info@simaactionkids.com


If you want to cater for your own party guests in your own party room, these are some areas of the Magnet for you to hire at a cost of £20 for two hours. Table and chairs are provided.

Rooms Description
Creche a secure room next to Monty's with kitchen and toilet facilities. Ideal for smaller party guests
Lane 9 - Studio a larger, clearer area ideal for older children who need a bit more space!

Party Food


12" Pizza (8 Slices)

  • Margarita: £7.50
  • Pepperoni: £7.50
  • Hawaiian: £7.50
  • Meat: £8.50

Why not have more than one pizza

Pizza Bundles

5 x Pizzas: £35.00
6 x Pizza: £40.00
7 x Pizzas: £45.00
8 x Pizzas: £47.00
9 x Pizzas: £52.50
10 x Pizzas: £55.00
12 x Pizzas: £65.00

Jugs of squash are provided with pizza bundles. Payment to be made in full at time of booking. Choices to be phoned through to reception 2 weeks before the party.


Cold Food Boxes: £3.45 per head: £15.00 deposit on booking

Inside the Box

A choice of ham, cheese or jam roll (Chosen by children on the day)
Capri sun
Packet of crisps
2 of the following (Choice will vary)

  • penguin
  • dried fruit bag
  • yoghurt
  • cheese
  • mini muffin

We also run Children's Parties at our two other Leisure Centres, Windsor and Charters.

Other information:

  • Wear suitable clothing.
  • We recommend that children wear socks and that arms and legs are covered when using the slide.
  • No food or hot drinks to be consumed in Cheeky Charlie's. Drinks can only be consumed in the rest area.
  • Parking - 2 hours FREE for Cheeky Charlies users and parties. Collect a pass from Cheeky Charlie's reception.
  • Jewellery - children should remove all jewellery including badges whilst in Cheeky Charlie's.
  • Parents - children under 8 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Maximum age 10years.
  • Parents or appointed adults are responsible for the children throughout the party. Please stay with them.
  • There is no discount if you do not wish to swim.
  • Norbert does need to go for walks so he won't appear at every party
  • Children attending Jumping Beans must wear socks. Bare feet are not permitted.
  • Special discounts for all local schools and toddler groups


  1. For parties exceeding 15 (max number 25) an extra member of staff is available at a cost of £20 (excluding parties 4 & 6)
  2. Parents or appointed adults are responsible for the children throughout the party. PLEASE STAY WITH THEM AT ALL TIMES.
  3. The Splash Party does not include party host.
  4. Every two under 8s in the teaching pool requires one adult over 16 to supervise, if in the main pool there must be one adult to every child under 4yrs. Adults can swim free, if supervising (excluding parties 6 & 7). The pool may not always be available so please check availablity before booking.

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