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Library Frequently Asked Questions

All Borough libraries have computers, with access to the Internet, and you will need your membership card to use them.

  • If you belong to the library, and have an Advantage card, you get 45 minutes free access per day and then can pay for additional time in 30 minute blocks
  • If you're a library member, without an Advantage card, you can pay to use computers in 30 minute blocks
  • Visitors can purchase a guest card to use the computers in 30 minute blocks
  • If you're 15-17 years, you get 45 minutes free access per day and get additional 30 minute blocks for free, subject to computer availability.
  • If you're 12-14 years, your parent, guardian or carer needs to come into the library to sign a permission form; your record will be updated to get 45 minutes free access per day and get additional 30 minute blocks for free, subject to computer availability.
  • Children (up to 11 years) have free use of the children's computers for homework help, games and restricted access to the Internet. We use filtering software to prevent access to illegal and offensive websites but cannot guarantee the complete exclusion of undesirable material.

Charged sessions cannot be extended so please book/pay for the time required first. Any new session needs to be requested/booked and paid for before use.

Computers are switched off 15 minutes before closing time.

Anyone can access our free websites, online resources & Microsoft Office on adult library computers for 60 minutes each session; it's free and no log-in is required. Sessions can't be extended but a fresh session can be started, subject to computer availability.

Show us your Advantage card, and we'll update your record, so that you get automatic discounts every time you borrow certain items or use computers.

  1. What are the opening times for all libraries?
  2. How do I join the library?
  3. How many items can I borrow?
  4. How many times can I renew borrowed items?
  5. Can I request books if my library doesn't have them?
  6. How can I get information when the library is closed?
  7. How do I get a PIN?
  8. Can I take out items and use library computers without my membership card?
  9. Why can't I access the library catalogue?
  10. Who can use library computers and the Internet?
  11. How do I gain access to library computers?
  12. Can I use email?
  13. How do I reserve a computer session?
  14. When can I use computers?
  15. What happens if I log off early?
  16. Where can I research the local area?
  17. What does the Mobile library offer?
  18. Can I hire a meeting room or display posters?

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