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Library computers

  • Computers, with Internet access, are at all Borough libraries
  • Access to web based email such as Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail
  • You need to accept our Acceptable Use policy when you log-in to library computers
  • Computers are switched off 15 minutes before closing time
  • Filtering software prevents access to illegal and offensive websites
  • We cannot guarantee the complete exclusion of undesirable material

Free access to

  • Reliable, trusted information (24-hours) with free online resources
  • Some websites & Microsoft office on adult computers; free for 60 minute sessions
  • Sessions can be extended, subject to computer availability

Using computers

  • If you belong to the library, & have an Advantage card, you get 45 minutes free access per day & then can pay for additional time in 30 minute blocks
  • If you're a library member, without an Advantage card, you will have to pay to use computers in 30 minute blocks
  • Library members will need their membership card to access library computers
  • Visitors can purchase a guest card to use computers in 30 minute blocks
  • If you're age 15-17yrs, you get 45 minutes free access per day & additional 30 minute blocks for free, subject to computer availability
  • If you're 12-14yrs, your parent, guardian or carer needs to come into the library to sign a permission form; your record will be updated to get 45 minutes free access per day and get additional 30 minute blocks for free, subject to computer availability
  • Children (up to 11yrs) have free use of the children's computers for homework help, games & restricted access to the Internet
  • Purchase of computing time is subject to computer availability

Booking computers

  • Ask staff, or ring your library, to book a computer up to 7 days in advance
  • Bookings can be made without payment
  • You must pay for your session before you can use the computer
  • Any unused minutes in a charged session cannot be carried forward or refunded
  • Any new session needs to be requested/booked & paid for before use

Using IT equipment

  • Purchase copy cards for use in our photocopier
  • Pay to print documents in black & white (or colour) at all libraries
  • Use document scanners at Maidenhead & Windsor libraries
  • Search for items on catalogue computer at Maidenhead & Windsor libraries
  • Contact friends & family using Skype computer at Maidenhead library
  • Use USB memory sticks with computers
  • Power sockets available for laptops
  • Use Dolphin screen magnification & screen reading software on some computers in every library
  • Free Wireless connection (WiFi) at Maidenhead, Windsor, Ascot, Boyn Grove, Cookham, Cox Green, Datchet, Dedworth & Eton Wick libraries

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