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Next time you browse the library catalogue take advantage of our book review option.

  • Simply enter the title of the book you want to review.
  • Click on the relevant title/author link.
  • Scroll down to "Average Rating" and click on the "Add Your Review" link.

You can borrrow...

  • Up to 24-items
  • Books, large print books and magazines for free
  • Talking books for free if you're under 18 years
  • Talking books & Playaways for free if you have a visual impairment
  • Playaways; audio books on a pocket sized digital media player

You can download...

  • up to five Audiobooks or eBooks from Overdrive
  • free eBooks & Audiobooks from home
  • Overdrive provides access to Gutenberg's 19,000 free titles

You can access...

  • Safari Books Online for hundreds of computer and technology books; library or home log-in
  • Book Groups at various Borough libraries; daytime or evening
  • Book Doctor; share your interests & we'll prescribe up to six books
  • Book promotions and author events at various libraries

Register your own Book Group for...

  • Access to our Book Group collection of over 120 titles
  • 10-copies of the same title for you to take out or book
  • Extended loan period of six weeks
  • Click here to find out more

You can share...

  • Rhymetimes; rhymes & songs at Maidenhead & Windor libraries
  • Stories & Songs; books, stories & rhymes at various libraries
  • Storytimes; stories & crafts at Maidenhed & Windsor libraries
  • With your Under 5s

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