Ascot Durning Library

Sunday opening

The library is now open on Sundays from 11am to 2pm.

High Street, Ascot SL5 7JF
Outside Ascot Durning Library01344 630140
0303 123 0035 24-hour renewal line
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We are open 7 days a week

Monday - 10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm
Tuesday - 10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm
Wednesday - 10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm
Thursday - 10am-1pm & 2pm-7pm
Friday - 10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm
Saturday - 10am-1pm
Sunday - 11am-2pm

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Self Service Kiosk at Ascot During Library Children's Library at Ascot Durning Library
Customer Reading at Ascot Durning Library Science Fiction at Ascot Durning Library
Customer using computer at Ascot Durning Library Magazines at Ascot Durning Library

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