S.H.I.N.E Programme

SHINE logoIt's your time to SHINE!

Structured Health Improvements through Nutrition and Exercise is a collection of 12 projects designed to make choosing a healthy lifestyle even easier in the Royal Borough.

Walking is just one of the many SHINE programmes operated by the Royal Borough giving access to some of the picturesque surroundings of the Windsor, Maidenhead and Ascot area.

Take your first steps - choose of the the following SHINE walks packages.

  • FREE - Book a simple health check at your local BodyZone and receive a walks pack including, a diary to record your activity, a range of local walks ideas and a complete guide to the Parks and Open Spaces in Windsor and Maidenhead to orientate your walks. Afer 12 weeks, attend a follow up health check and consultation at your local BodyZone to measure your health improvement.
  • £5 - Why not count your way to success by buying a Pedometer to add to your walks pack. The Silva branded product is a recognised name in outdoor pursuits and will record your every step.
  • £10 - Go even further and explore your own routes. For £10 receive the pedometer along with a detailed Landranger map of the area.
    The SHINE walks scheme is designed to lose calories whilst enjoying the Royal Borough's landmarks and attractions.

Did you know walking

  • is a really low impact workout?
  • is an excellent way of burning calories?
  • can reduce your risk of heart disease?
  • improves your cardio-vascular system?
  • is a great way of keeping fit and meeting new friends?
  1. Walking

    Picture of people out on a walkThere's no doubt about it, walking is good for you. It's good for your heart, it's good for your lungs, it's good for muscle and bone growth and it gives you a great sense of wellbeing!
    The Royal Borough is fortunate to have an extensive network of public rights of way as well as a number of recreational routes including the Thames Path, a national trail that runs alongside the River Thames through the Royal Borough. Boasting picturesque scenery and some award-winning attractions and pubs, it's a fantastic place to enjoy the great outdoors.

    Special walks leaflets have been produced and are available from local libraries, leisure centres, Customer Service Centres and on the Public rights of way publications web page.

    A walking club operates in association with BodyZone gyms on a regular basis - a great way to explore the countryside together and make new friends. Walking with SHINE helps you record the health benefits every step of the way. See also the SMILE Hikes webpage.
  2. Parks and Open Spaces

    Whether it's sports activities, informal play, a brisk walk or a gentle stroll, with your Guide to Parks and Open Spaces you can choose where to take in the glorious surroundings of the Royal Borough. FREE copies of the guide to Parks and Open spaces are available from all Advantage Card issuing sites and customer service centres.
  3. SwimmobilityPicture of Swimming pool

    FREE swimming for all physically disabled swimmers with learning difficulties at all times, including a helper. All you need to do is bring proof of entitlement and join the 350 other swimmers using the scheme.
    Magnet Leisure Centre
    Windsor Leisure Centre
  4. Giving up smoking

    If you really want to quit smoking for good, then join the smoking cessation at either the Windsor or Magnet Leisures Centres. Linked with the NHS framework you can receive the support and encouragement from experienced professionals. This established scheme has already helped many residents break the habit. Contact Sarah Robinson on 01753 842194.
  5. GP Referral

    Twelve-week health scheme with exercise tailored to your medical needs (£35 Off Peak or £45 Peak with an advantage card for the 12 week scheme). This scheme has been successful in treating people with various conditions, such as high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol, obesity, cardiac, back and joint complications.
    Please consult with your GP regarding referral or to find out information about the scheme please contact one of the BodyZone gyms for your consultation and personal exercise plan:
    Contact: Maidenhead on 01628 685330 or Kevin Johnson, Windsor 01753 778566.
  6. THROB/Cardiac and Stroke Rehabilitation

    High quality remedial exercise programmes for residents with cardiac problems. Contact your local Lifestyle Referral Co-ordinator at one of the BodyZone gyms and join in safe, fun exercise classes.
    Contact: Wendy Sivyer on 01344 890716, or for Maidenhead 01628 685330, for Windsor 01753 778566 or visit the Throb Rehab website.
  7. Personal Training

    One-to-one training guidance to help motivate and realise your fitness and lifestyle goals. To arrange your personalised fitness plan, call:

    Foundation at Windsor Leisure Centre on 01753 624205
    Kathy Bradford at Charters Leisure Centre on 01344 628686
    Sue Kitson at BodyZone Braywick Park on 07800 571791
  8. Advantage Card

    FREE membership scheme for all residents. Bring along two proofs of residency to one of the issuing sites to receive your own photo ID membership card. Discounts available on lots of activities and throughout the Borough ranging from entry to Windsor Castle, discounted leisure activities through to co-promoters offering discounts on products and services in the area.
  9. Advantage Plus

    The Royal Borough operates a number of concessionary priced facilities for residents only (yellow advantage card holders) at its Leisure Centres for a multitude of sections of the community. Advantage PLUS prices are available to advantage card holders who are on the following benefits:
    • Council Tax Benefit
    • Housing Benefit
    • Job Seekers Allowance
    • Income Support
    • Working Tax Credit
    • Disability Benefit
  10. Sbug

    Sbug Fortnight promises to be a great celebration of sports and leisure opportunities linking sports clubs, schools, organisations and leisure centres across the Royal Borough. Clubs will host free 'come and try it' sessions during the fortnight.
  11. BZ Generations

    Brilliant membership to the BodyZone for 13-19yr olds. Simply ring your local BodyZone gym to book an induction and get your fitness fix started.
  12. Active Opportunities for 5-12yr olds

    Action-packed holiday and term-time programmes are run throughout the Royal Borough. To find out more please contact your local Sports Development team:

    Daniel Saunders on 01344 628686
    Lee Ovens on 01628 685333 or 01628 685335
    Jo Mackrell on 01753 778596

    All facilities are fully OFSTED regulated with activities ranging from half to full day camps, including days out at Braywick Nature Centre, Ice Skating and Odd's Farm all alongside football, hockey, basketball, tennis, rounders, treasure hunts, orienteering, bouncy castle, arts and crafts, swimming, soft play and much more to keep children busy all holiday.
  13. Active Opportunities for 13-19 yrs olds

    Holiday activities for those age 13-19. Multi-use play areas, in the the parks, staffed up all holiday to provide equipment for football, basketball, cricket, volleyball and more. Other activities include residential trips, fishing, cycle proficiency, sailing, kayaking, rugby, skate parks, mobile gyms and much more.
  14. Club Database

    A list of accredited sports clubs and organisations in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead can be found on the Sports Development webpage.
  15. Sports Bursaries

    • The Sports Bursary Scheme provides funds to help coaches and young people to gain local, national and international recognition in their sport. The Award Scheme has been established to acknowledge young sporting achievements and the contribution coaches make to their sport.
    • The Player Bursary Award Scheme aims to acknowledge young sporting achievements and provide funds with which to assist players in their efforts to achieve full national, international and even Olympic recognition.
    • The Coach Bursary Scheme aims to acknowledge the vital contribution coaches make to sport and aims to raise the profile of coaches as well as enhancing coach education in the Royal Borough.
    • The Lifetime Achievement Award Scheme is presented once a year to an individual who has made a significant contribution to sport within the Royal Borough over a number of years. To nominate a person for this award please contact the Sports Development team.
      The dealine for all applications is 31st July each year. For an application form and guidelines and for further information, please contact the Sports Development team on 01628 683800 or email sports.development@rbwm.gov.uk. Alternatively, please visit the Sports Development funding and grants webpage.
  16. SMILE

    So Much Improvement with a Little Exercise gives the opportunity for those 50 years young to attend smile sessions designed specifically for gentle progressive fitness in a fun and friendly environment. There are over 30 venues hosting sessions with special events organised for SMILE members throughout the year. A further 6 new locations have been added in 2007 to support a bigger SMILE.
  17. SensoryZone

    The SensoryZone is a joint initiative between Socal Services and the Magnet. It is a specifically designed environment with a very wide range of sensory experiences. The room can be used for therapy, relaxation, stimulation, learning, leisure and pleasure. Although designed for people with learning disabilities, SensoryZone can also benefit all kinds of groups and individual people with its fibre-optic lights, opti-music beams, bubble tubes and brightly-coloured cushioning for relaxing in comfort.
  18. Timeout Membership

    This is a free membership scheme for looked after children and their foster families. Targeted at a small groups of users it includes free use of ll the facilities offered at the borough's leisure centres and has been in operation since 2005.

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