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Sponsored Roundabouts


roundabout roundabout roundabout

The roundabout sponsorship scheme offers local businesses an opportunity to contribute towards improving the local environment. Roundabouts sites in Ascot, Maidenhead and Windsor are available.

All sponsorship signs are placed on major roads and roundabouts where we have high numbers of passing traffic and pedestrians. This is a highly effective opportunity for businesses to raise awareness whilst promoting their company name to thousands of people and also making a positive contribution to local communities. Sponsorship agreements can be for one or more years, an annual fee is charged which varies depending on the location and size of the roundabout.

Roundabout sponsorship provides the following benefits for sponsors:

  • A positive image: A unique opportunity to be seen to be involved in the enhancements within the area and showing your business is forging links with the Local Authority and the community
  • High profile: Conveying a positive image to the high number of people passing daily
  • Highly visible: Large Corporate signs to be erected
  • Prestigious: Large prestigious high quality sign, allowing selected, leading organisations the opportunity to promote
    a corporate image
  • Exclusivity: Only one organisation per site

For further information contact Kath Harlow on 01628 796252 or email kathryn.harlow@rbwm.gov.uk

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