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Your Council Invoice and Who to Contact

The Incomes Team is responsible for the collection of monies due to the Authority for sundry debt and periodic income (one-off invoices and regularly recurring invoices). That is debts due for a range of services and goods provided but excluding Council Tax, Business Rates and Overpayment of Housing Benefits.

Invoices for services ranging from use of leisure facilities, allotment rents, housing loans, care charges, car park season tickets etc. are collected by the Incomes Team on on behalf of the Service Area providing the service, and collection of the amounts due is the responsibility of this team.

The level of charges for each service is determined by the Service Area involved, e.g. a car park season ticket charge would be created by the Parking office and information on charging for this would be given before the ticket was provided.

The team's responsibility is to ensure that invoices are collected efficiently, and the maintenance of customer accounts.

Any queries regarding payment should be discussed with the Incomes Team, whilst any issues over the charges levied must be directed to the Service Area concerned.

Email: incomes@rbwm.gov.uk
Tel: 01628 683591
By Post: Incomes Section, Town Hall, St Ives Road, Maidenhead SL6 1RF

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