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Sheltered Housing

Sheltered housing accommodation within the Borough is available for persons over the age of 60 who wish to keep their independence but also have the security of help and support available. Sheltered housing schemes within the Borough are owned and managed by our partner Housing Associations and provide self contained accommodation with emergency alarms to call for help whenever it is needed.

If you are a resident within the Royal Borough and would like more information regarding sheltered housing please contact our Housing Options Team on 01628 683667 or one of the following Housing Associations directly:

Maidenhead Services

Housing Solutions
12 Sheltered Schemes within Maidenhead and the surrounding area.
Contact: 01628 543100

Windsor & Ascot Services

14 Sheltered Schemes within Windsor, Ascot and surrounding area.
Contact : 0300 123 1567

Anchor Trust
Bridgeman Court, Windsor
Contact : 01753 863221

A2 Dominion Housing Group Ltd
Viscount Court, Windsor
Contact: 01753 840589

Hanover Housing
Pollard Close, Old Windsor
Contact : 01784 446100

Hanover Housing
Hanover Mead, Bray
Contact : 01784 446100

Hanover Housing
Bowes Lyon Close, Windsor
Contact : 01753 830919

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