November 2009 Disclosure Log

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Request Summary Response
FOI61794 List of all residential properties owned by RBWM Information disclosed
FOI61795 5 most oversubscribed schools in RBWM and distances from furthest pupil Information disclosed

Information relating to Antisocial Behaviour Orders

Information disclosed
FOI61797 Land/buildings owned by RBWM Information available by other means - Section 21 exemption applied
FOI61798 Local Housing Allowance excess payment information Information disclosed
FOI61799 Food Premises Registration details Information disclosed
DP61800 Copy of CCTV footage We do not hold this information
FOI61801 Statistics for 2009 Place/Satisfaction survey for The Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service Information available by other means - Section 21 exemption applied
FOI61802 Expenditure for Integrated Children's Service over last 5 years Information disclosed
FOI61803 Information on land classified under D1 - land currently not in use Information disclosed
FOI61805 Questionnaire distribution costs. Information disclosed
ER61806 Air quality monitoring information Information available by other means - Section 21 exemption applied
FOI61807 Numbers and guidance for CCTV cameras in RBWM Information disclosed
FOI61808 Mean per-pupil funding information Information disclosed
FOI61809 What steps have the Council taken to reduce its carbon footprint Information disclosed
FOI61810 Number of staff earning over £64k,£144k & £197k Information disclosed
FOI61811 Largest housing benefit claim being paid by RBWM Information disclosed
FOI61812 Annual cost of operating the Litter Warden Scheme Information disclosed
FOI61813 Policies/Procedures relating to the physical and emotional well-being of disabled men and women Information disclosed
FOI61814 Information relating to busking licenses Information disclosed
FOI61815 Copy of Annual Report & Statement of Accounts Information available by other means - Section 21 exemption applied
FOI61816 ICT documents Information disclosed
FOI61817 Copy of Procurement Strategy & Corporate Plan/Strategy Information available by other means - Section 21 exemption applied
ER61818 Details of complaints regarding Mantra night club Information disclosed
DP61819 Subject Access Request Information disclosed
FOI61820 List of landlords in specified area We do not hold this information
FOI61822 Copy of communications relating to a specified planning application Information disclosed
FOI61824 Information regarding libraries expenditure,usage & staff numbers Information disclosed
FOI61825 Job titles, numbers & salary bands of staff countering anti-social behaviour Information disclosed
FOI61826 RBWM asset sales since October 2009 Information disclosed
FOI61827 Environmental inspection information for specified locations Information disclosed
FOI61828 Contact details of person responsible for Council publications Information disclosed
FOI61829 How much the Council has spent and where on green initiatives over last year Information disclosed
FOI61830 Staff dismissal details Information disclosed
FOI61831 Details of violence in schools Information disclosed
FOI61832 Legal services survey Survey Completed
FOI61833 Correspondence and reports relating to the Fat Duck in Bray Information disclosed
FOI61834 Single Status and Job Evaluation questionnaire Questionnaire completed
FOI61835 Procurement questionnaire Questionnaire completed
FOI61836 Number,locations,usage details for CCTV Information disclosed
FOI61837 Budget,staff,contracts information for highways maintenance Information disclosed
FOI61838 Information regarding waste collection compactor lorries Information disclosed
FOI61839 Details of pilot initiatives/projects for last 3 years Information disclosed
FOI61840 Information regarding contracts with producers/production companies for staging pantomimes Information disclosed
FOI61841 Information relating to specified CCTV footage Information disclosed
FOI61842 Information relating to tree protection enforcement Information disclosed
FOI61843 Number of disabled blue badges issued to persons with ASD/severe learning difficulties with no mobility problems We do not hold this information
FOI61844 Schools admissions information Information disclosed
FOI61846 Information regarding EU citizens on benefits We do not hold this information
FOI61847 Information regarding road maintenance expenditure Information disclosed
FOI61848 Guidance for pets in classrooms Information disclosed
FOI61849 Details of registered dangerous wild animals with RBWM Information disclosed
FOI61850 Costs/guidance for staff Christmas parties Information disclosed
FOI61851 Information relating to grounds maintenance costs Information disclosed
FOI61852 Number of children's services social workers,vacant posts,budget details and instances of misuse of ContactPoint database Information disclosed
FOI61853 Penalty charge notices information regarding Trinity Place Information disclosed
FOI61854 Copy of spend analysis/invoice report Partial disclosure. Personal information redacted - Section 40 exemption applied
FOI61855 List of suppliers/subcontractors & consultants involved with the building of the new SEN school Information disclosed
FOI61856 Information regarding removing children from families Information disclosed
FOI61857 Income from parking fines Information disclosed
FOI61858 Unsuitable images on RBWM Council computers Information

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