Access to Information: Frequently Asked Questions

The Council is committed to its Equality and Diversity Policy and will endeavour to make information available in whatever format best suits the applicant. Any document which has been produced electronically and which exists as an electronic record can be converted to a larger print format. We can provide the information in braille or on audio tape. We can arrange for information to be translated into the requested language. If you require this service please contact:

Policy & Performance Officer

Direct Line: 01628 683126

  1. How many requests for information does the council receive?
  2. What sort of information can I request?
  3. Does a Data Protection Act 1998 Subject Access Request (SAR) have to be made on a form and is there a charge?
  4. What about requests made face to face with staff in contact points? Do these need to be in writing?
  5. What provision is made for providing information in other formats (for example, as large print, audio or Braille for people with visual disabilities and languages other than English)?

Please contact the Information Management Team if you have any further questions or require any further advice and assistance.

Information Management Team
Town Hall
St.Ives Road
Tel : 01628 796029

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