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Election Expenses


Legal requirement to ensure expense declarations are comleted accurately and on time.

For parliamentary and local government elections, declarations of election expenses must be submitted to the returning officer, or proper officer for local government elections, within 35 days after the election result is declared.

For parliamentary and local government elections the election agent (not the candidate, unless they are their own election agent) must make the return. For parish council elections the time limit is twenty eight days for the delivery to the proper officer of the council.

Candidates are not reimbursed by the council or returning officer for any money spent on their campaign.

Election expenses returns are available for public inspection on request - contact the Electoral Services Helpline.

Contact Details:

By telephone: 01628 683868

By email: electoral.registration@rbwm.gov.uk

By post: Electoral Services, Town Hall, St. Ives Road, Maidenhead SL6 1RF

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