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Annual Canvass Form: Frequently Asked Questions

During the annual canvass period, which is August to November each year (July to October in 2012), your name will not be added to the Electoral Register until 1st December (16 October 2012). Unfortunately, your application will not be speeded up if you apply early as the information is not available to any other source until the revised register is published. The only reason your name may be registered earlier is if there is a by-election in your area.
  1. My name does not appear on the form. The previous residents are listed, should I forward the form on to them?
  2. I filled in the annual registration form I received last year or only recently. Do I still need to fill in this form?
  3. Can I put my whole family on the form?
  4. Do I have to let you know if I move?
  5. How long does it take for my new details to get on the electoral register?
  6. I want to use the internet / telephone registration but need to add a name or make other changes to the register, can I tell you the name over the phone?
  7. I have tried to confirm my Electoral Registration electronically as shown on the Voter Registration form but have been unable to do so. Why is that?
  8. Registering to Vote for European Elections

Contact Information:

By post: Electoral Services, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, Town Hall, St Ives Rd, Maidenhead SL6 1RF

By telephone: 01628 683868

By email: electoral.registration@rbwm.gov.uk

Online: Electoral Services

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