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Residential Services

Aim:"To ensure that all housing is fit for human habitation, is in a good state of repair and has high amenity standards."

An important part of Residential Services work is dealing with housing-related problems in the private sector. This work includes:

  • Administering Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) to adapt the homes of elderly or disabled residents to allow them to live independantly at home or be cared for at home.
  • Administering Housing Assistance Grants for residents on low incomes to maintain homes in a safe, secure, warm, and comfortable, condition.
  • Developing and Administering the Council's Home Energy Conservation strategy for improving the energy efficiency of the Borough's housing stock. This includes a full advice service, administering Energy Grant Schemes and promotional activities/initiatives.
  • Inspecting houses in multiple occupation (HMOs).
  • Investigating a wide range of complaints relating to unsatisfactory housing conditions, overcrowding, mould and drainage matters.
  • Licensing and inspecting caravan/camp sites.
  • Managing unauthorised encampments.

Please contact us on 01628 683820 if you require more information, or complete our online form.

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