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Long Term Empty Properties


Long Term Empty Properties

The number of empty properties within the borough is relatively small, however there continues to be a huge demand for housing. Empty properties are wasted homes. They are often a cause for concern to people living in the locality due to vandalism or anti-social behaviour.
The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead is committed to bringing empty properties back into use. We will make every effort to work with the property owners, providing advice and assistance. However, where properties are a detriment to the amenity of the area and efforts to encourage the owner to voluntarily bring the property back into use have failed, we will use statutory powers as a last resort.
If you own an empty home and require advice or want to discuss your options, please contact us. If you know of an empty home, please tell us about it.

Contact the Royal Borough's Customer Service Centre on 01628 683820 or complete our online form

Empty Homes Loans and Affordable Housing Loans

The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead working in partnership with Flexible Home Improvement Loans Ltd is able to offer two schemes to help owners of empty properties.
Empty homes loans are bridging loans to bring empty homes back into habitable use; they are available to owners of empty properties and anybody wishing to purchase an empty property.
The second scheme is an affordable housing loan which is available to assist owners of empty properties to bring them back into habitable use as affordable housing. Owners would only need to sign up for the scheme and a housing association working in partnership with the council will do the rest.
The housing association will assess whether the property is suitable for the scheme and the rent achievable, and then undertake the necessary renovation works to bring it up to an appropriate standard. The cost of the works is then funded by a secured low interest rate loan provided by the council. On completion the property would be let as affordable housing, the loan repaid monthly from the rental income and the owner will receive the net rent.

For more information please call 01628 683820 or visit Flexible Home Improvement Loans (external)

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