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Secondary Age Schools


To find out if you live in the designated area for any of the schools below visit our Maps Online facility.

Middle Schools

Dedworth Middle School
Smiths Lane, Windsor, SL4 5PE Tel: 01753 860561
Map: Dedworth Middle School's location
Web: Dedworth Middle School's Website
Ofsted: Dedworth Middle School's Inspection Report

St Edward's Royal Free Ecumenical Middle School

Parsonage Lane, Windsor, SL4 5EN Tel: 01753 867809
Map: St Edward's Royal Free School's location
Ofsted: St Edward's Royal Free School's Inspection Report

St Peter's CE Middle School
Crimp Hill Road, Old Windsor, SL4 2QY Tel: 01753 866253
Map: St Peter's Middle School's location
Web: St Peter's Middle School's Website
Ofsted: St Peter's Middle School's Inspection Report

Trevelyan Middle School
Wood Close, Windsor, SL4 3LL Tel: 01753 864371
Map: Trevelyan Middle School's location
Web: Trevelyan Middle School's Website
Ofsted: Trevelyan Middle School's Inspection Report

Secondary Schools

Altwood CE Secondary School (Academy from 1 July 2012)
Altwood Road, Maidenhead, SL6 4PU Tel: 01628 622236
Map: Altwood School's location
Web: Altwood School's Website
Ofsted: Altwood School's Inspection Report

Charters School (Academy from 1 October 2012)

Charters Road, Sunningdale, SL5 9QY Tel: 01344 624826
Map: Charters School's location
Web: Charters School's Website
Ofsted: Charters School's Inspection Report

Churchmead Church of England (VA) School

Priory Way, Datchet, SL3 9JQ Tel: 08444 772446
Map: Churchmead School's location
Web: Churchmead School's Website
Ofsted: Churchmead School's Inspection Report

Cox Green School (Academy from 1 December 2011)
Highfield Lane, Maidenhead, SL6 3AX Tel: 01628 629415
Map: Cox Green School's location
Web: Cox Green School's Website
Ofsted: Cox Green School's Inspection Report

Desborough College (Academy from 1 October 2012)

Shoppenhangers Road, Maidenhead, SL6 2QB Tel: 01628 634505
Email: info@desborough-college.net
Map: Desborough College's location
Web: Desborough College's Website
Ofsted: http://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports/find-inspection-report/provider/ELS/138879

Furze Platt Senior School (Academy from 1 December 2011)

Furze Platt Road, Maidenhead, SL6 7NQ Tel: 01628 625308
Map: Furze Platt Senior School's location
Web: Furze Platt Senior School's Website
Ofsted: Furze Platt Senior School's Inspection Report
Teach Maidenhead link for School Direct: http://www.teachmaidenhead.co.uk/

Holyport College (Free School)
Ascot Road, Holyport, Berks, SL6 3LE Tel: 01628 640150
Web: http://www.holyportcollege.org.uk/

Newlands Girls' School
Farm Road, Maidenhead, SL6 5JB Tel: 01628 625068
Map: Newlands Girls' School's location
Web: Newlands Girls' School's Website
Ofsted: Newlands Girls' School's Inspection Report

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Upper Schools

The Windsor Boys' School
Maidenhead Road, Windsor, SL4 5EH Tel: 01753 716060
Email: mail@twbs.co.uk
Map: The Windsor Boys' School's location
Web: The Windsor Boys' School's Website
Ofsted: The Windsor Boys' School's Inspection Report

Windsor Girls' School

Imperial Road, Windsor, SL4 3RT Tel: 01753 795155
Map: Windsor Girls' School's location
Web: Windsor Girls' School's Website
Ofsted: Windsor Girls' School's Inspection Report

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