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Family Learning Information

Do you want to help support your child in learning, but don't know where to start or would like to get involved in a fun family activity? Family Learning offers a chance for parents/ carers and grandparents to help support your child's homework and learning, whilst updating your skills.

Wider Family Learning

We run number of Family Learning courses for parents/carers. These courses are run in partnership with local schools and Children's Centres helping adults to improve literacy and numeracy skills while discovering how they can support their children in improving their skills at school and home. Many of these are offered free of charge.

For further information please telephone 01628 685 647.

Some of our family learning courses can be found on the 'Online Course Guide', 'Family Learning and Parenting' section.

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New Opportunities for Family Learning

We are interested in working with partner organisations to deliver new and exciting local family learning opportunities. Schools and community venues need to be able to provide a space for learning. We will work with you to promote family learning activities to parents/carers.

For more details telephone the Family Learning Co-ordinator on 07786 190 576 or email adult.education@rbwm.gov.uk

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