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Consultation - secondary, upper and middle school places in Ascot, Maidenhead and Windsor

Over the next decade we will need substantially more secondary, middle and upper school places in Ascot, Maidenhead and Windsor. The local authority is working with national bodies, local schools and colleges and business to develop options for providing sufficient new school places. In addition, we are keen to collect the views of parents/carers and residents in the wider community on how to develop more secondary sector education provision in the borough. We would be very grateful if you could please take a moment to answer our short questionnaire.

Consultation on the proposed withdrawal of free school transport from Holyport to Cox Green School

The local authority currently provides free transport for children living in Holyport attending Cox Green School. A consultation is now being carried out regarding the possible withdrawal of this free provision. It is proposed that this change comes into effect from September 2014. The consultation will run from Tuesday 14 January to Thursday 20 February 2014.

At the moment, free school transport for Holyport residents continues to be provided under the previous transport policy, which stated that transport would be provided to the designated school for those living over 3 miles away. Until September 2010, Cox Green was the designated school for Holyport residents. As Maidenhead will become a single designated area for all Maidenhead residents, from September 2014, the previous transport policy no longer applies.

The law states that free school transport must be provided to those pupils attending their nearest secondary school with an available place when living over 3 miles away. For Holyport residents there are nearer secondary schools than Cox Green and so the existing provision of free school transport is more than the statutory duty.

In order to bring the local authority transport provision in line with the statutory duty, it is proposed that this current free transport provision from Holyport to Cox Green School should be withdrawn.

This change will not affect pupils who are currently in receipt of free transport to Cox Green School.

We are seeking your views about whether:

  • Free school transport from Holyport to Cox Green School should be withdrawn from September 2014 as this provision is more than the statutory duty.
  • Free school transport from Holyport to Cox Green School should be withdrawn but not until September 2015.
  • Free school transport from Holyport to Cox Green School should be retained.

Please click here to respond to the consultation online.

You can also submit your views:

By email to

By writing to us at - Home to School Transport Consultation, RBWM, Town Hall, St Ives Road, Maidenhead, SL6 1RF

Please note that separate rules apply to low income families - please see our Home to School Transport Policy.

The closing date for responses is Thursday 20 February 2014.

Publication of Proposals - Expansion of All Saints Church of England Junior School

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead is publishing a proposal to expand All Saints Church of England Junior School, Westborough Road, Maidenhead, SL6 4AR. It is proposed that the school takes 90, rather than the current 67, children into each year group. If approved, this proposal will help ensure that there are enough school places in Maidenhead for local children. The formal notice and the accompanying Prescribed Information are provided below. Any comments on or objections to the proposal should be sent to the address given in the formal notice by 12th July 2014.

If you have any questions about the proposal, please contact Ben Wright, Education Planning Officer, on 01628 796572 or by email at

  • Statutory Notice - All Saints

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