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Secondary School Admissions

Secondary School Admissions covers those pupils starting at either a:

  • Middle school at the beginning of Year 5
  • Secondary school at the beginning of Year 7
  • Upper school at the beginning of Year 9

You must apply for entry into these schools via your home authority. RBWM residents must apply for non-RBWM schools through the RBWM application process. Full details of the process are available in the relevant Guide to Secondary Schools published below.

Applications can be made online, via our Online Admissions page, from 5 September to 31 October. Paper application forms are not available to download on this website but may be requested by contacting the Admissions Team or visiting your local council offices if you are unable to make an online application.

Application reminder letters will be sent automatically during the first week of the September term to RBWM residents whose children attend RBWM schools and are due to transfer at the end of the academic year.

For RBWM residents whose children attend either an independent school, non-RBWM school or who wish their child to move from one tier system to another, all information you need in order to make an application is available below in the Guide to Secondary Schools. Please contact the Admissions Team if you need any further assistance.

Applying to Grammar Schools

All schools in the Royal Borough are comprehensive and meet the needs of all ability ranges. This means they do not require entrance exams as a form of entry. Grammar schools are available in neighbouring authorities. If you wish your child to apply for a grammar school then you must:

  • Register to sit the entrance exam with the the relevant local authority under which your preferred Grammar schools sits. Your child must sit an entrance exam to be considered for these schools.
  • Make an application via RBWM, if you are our resident, between September and the 31 October for your preferred schools.

We recommend that you discuss this first with their current headteacher and also contact any grammar schools you are interested in to ensure that you have all the necessary information.

If you are interested in Buckinghamshire County Council Grammar schools, please check on their website for further information. (This link takes you to the Bucks CC external website, the content of which is out of our control)

For other authorities, you should contact them directly.

The Secondary School Admissions Guide

Allocation Information 2015/2016

Allocation Information 2014/2015

Allocation Information 2013/2014

Allocation Information 2012/2013

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