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Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Online Admissions. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact the Admissions Team.

The person who has parental responsibility (and is living at the same address as the child) should submit the application for the child's school place. If you need further advice about who can apply, please contact the school admissions team.
  1. If I can't find the school in the search list
  2. What is a UID and what is it for?
  3. If I apply online will my application be treated differently to a paper application?
  4. Will I be told the result of my application electronically?
  5. Will I have to send in anything else?
  6. How do I know that any changes have been logged?
  7. If I can't finish the application in one sitting, can I go back to it later?
  8. Should I send a paper copy as well?
  9. Who can make an online application?
  10. Will my Online Application be secure?

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