School Admissions: Frequently Asked Questions

If your child is refused a place at your preferred school, your letter will contain information about requesting to go on a waiting list and the right of appeal. (Please refer to the relevant Primary or Secondary Admission Guides to find out how long waiting lists are held by the Royal Borough.) If possible your child will be diverted to the nearest school with an available place.

  1. Will I get help with transport?
  2. When will Waiting Lists be available?
  3. When should I apply for a reception place for my child?
  4. What is my designated area school?
  5. Does my child have to attend my designated area school?
  6. Will I be guaranteed a place at my designated area school?
  7. If I apply early, will my application be more successful?
  8. What if the school I want to apply for is a 'church school'?
  9. If my child already has a sibling at the school, does that automatically gain them a place?
  10. Is it important how I rank my preferences on my Common Application Form?
  11. When will I know which school my child has been allocated?
  12. What will happen if my child is refused a place at my preferred school?
  13. How were middle/secondary/ upper school places allocated this year?

If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact the School Admissions Team.

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