In Year Applications

An in-year admission is when a child wishes to transfer to another school outside of the usual transfer time.

You are now able to apply directly to the admitting authority for the school you wish to transfer your child to, regardless of where you live.

The application process is different depending on the type of school you wish to apply for. Details of each type of school can be found in the Guide to In-Year Admissions. Please take the time to read this guide carefully as it also gives you important information about the application process.

For all Community and Voluntary controlled schools within RBWM, we are the admitting authority. If you wish to apply for a place at one of these schools you must apply through us using the relevant application form below.

If you wish to apply for a place at a RBWM Voluntary Aided school, Free school or Academy then you must apply to the school directly. These schools will have their own application forms that are available on request. Alternatively, you can download an application form below and return this to the school directly.

If you wish to make an application for a non-RBWM school, you will need to contact the Local Authority to which the school belongs for information regarding how to apply.

If you wish to receive a hard copy of the application form then please contact the admissions team providing your child's name, date of birth, your address, and the schools to which you wish to apply for.

In-Year Guide

  • Guide to In-Year Admissions

In-Year Application Form for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools

In-Year Application Form for Voluntary Aided Schools, Free Schools and Academies

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