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Why is Energy an issue for the Royal Borough?

The rising demand for energy across the planet is causing many problems today and is likely to cause greater problems for future generations, such as;

  • creates more greenhouse gas emissions and raises the threat of climate change
  • depletes natural fuel reserves and puts pressure on biodiversity
  • increases upward pressure on fuel prices
  • adds to air pollution and exacerbates breathing problems

The changing weather patterns, flooding and drought that we have been experiencing over recent years is having a far reaching effect on the UK's people, places, economy, society and environment.

Energy efficiency measures and the use of renewable energy can help address these problems, by emitting less CO2 into the atmosphere. It also has the benefit of saving the Council money, through reduced electricity and gas bills.

What is the Council doing to address this issue?

Our Sustainability Panel has a strategy for its current work programme. In January 2007 the Council demonstrated its commitment to delivering a programme of measures and initiatives for tackling climate change by becoming a signatory to the Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change. By signing the Declaration the Council has pledged to systematically address the causes of climate change and to prepare the community for its impacts.

Energy Use at Home

The Council provides access to advice and support for Energy Efficiency measures in the home.

Contact Us

If you have any queries about the council's energy reduction please e-mail energy.manager@rbwm.gov.uk.

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