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Automatic Meter Reading


On 25th June 2009 the Council agreed to implement a rolling programme of installing automatic meter reading (AMR) in the main civic buildings as a means of driving down energy consumption and reducing costs. The AMR will measure carbon emissions and the costs resulting from the electricity and gas consumption at the chosen sites. By understanding our energy use better, we are able to achieve additional savings, as it is easier to identify areas of high usage. It also means that if there is an equipment failure, which leads to higher usage, we are notified immediately, and can act quickly to resolve it.

The following buildings have been chosen for the initial scheme:

No. Site Location
1. RBWM Town Hall Maidenhead
2. Magnet Leisure Centre Maidenhead
3. Windsor Leisure Centre Windsor
4. York House Windsor
5. York Stream House Maidenhead
6. Maidenhead Library Maidenhead
7. 4 Marlow Road Maidenhead
8. Tinkers Lane Windsor
9. Windsor Library Windsor
10. St Ives House Maidenhead

Live Data

This live data is part of the councils continued commitment to transparency for our residents, and hope you will view the data with interest. The data from these 10 sites represent 58% of the electricity use from council buildings.

Each site has been allocated a staff member with responsibility for monitoring consumption and achieving carbon reduction targets. If you have any questions or observations relating to any of the above sites, please email: energy.manager@rbwm.gov.uk.

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