Planning Applications Public Access Module

This search module provides information on Planning Applications. In addition to being able to see general information regarding applications, you may see all the supporting plans and documentation submitted by applicants. All the searches collect current information from our database so all results are fully up to date.There is also a facility to comment on current applications. You may also search for appeals against planning decisions online.

Before proceeding to the searches we strongly advise that you read the Protecting Your Privacy page using the link to the right.

Notes on Searching

Notes on Copyright

Information is available using five sets of searches:

  • Recently Received Applications
  • Search for a specific Application
  • Advanced searches by : Parish, Ward, Status and Decision
  • Search by property address, Street, Town or Postal Area
  • Search for Appeals

These searches can be selected using the navigation bar at the top of the Public Access Module pages.

Click here to proceed to the searches

In the Advanced and Property searches you can select ANY as the date option to retrieve historical cases. Please be aware that this will return a very large number of records and ANY should NOT be selected as the only criterion for a search.

In the property search the results are obtained by matching the criteria given with the data stored in the address field of the application record. If the exact criteria cannot be found then the search may not give complete results. It is often best to work down from a postcode or road search rather than to start off searching on very precise criteria such as specific house numbers.

From the Application detail page it is also possible to search for associated documents. Where such documents exist, a list will be presented. This will consist of a number of folders, most commonly present are:

  • Application, containing the original application forms and any supporting letters
  • Plans, containing any large scale plans submitted
  • Consultee and Community Comments, containing any subsequent corresponence and decision information

Selecting a folder will result in the contents of that folder being displayed in Adobe PDF format which may be read using the free reader on our downloads page.

Should you experience any difficulty using these pages please contact our Customer Service Centre on: 01628 683810 or use the online contact form

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Copyright Warning:
The documents available here have been submitted to the Council in order to apply for planning permission. They are protected by Section 47 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988. They are being made available to be viewed for consultation purposes only - copies must not be made without the prior permission of the copyright owner (i.e. the applicant or their agent).

Scaling of Plans:
If printing plans from these pages please note that they will not necessarily be to the exact scale specified on the plans. For any measurements required you will need to visit the appropriate Council Office and view the original plans.

Ordnance Survey Mapping:
Unauthorised reproduction infringes Crown Copyright and may lead to prosecution or civil proceedings.

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