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The remediation planning permission includes a range of measures to protect residents including a limit on the daily vehicle movements. The Council refused an application to increase the number of daily movements on 22nd January 2010. On 7th July the Planning Inspector allowed the appeal: planning permission was granted against the Council's wishes.

The Inspector accepted, on balance, that "the additional effect on the small number of households along the access route is within tolerable limits and that the overall impact of a shorter but more intensive decontamination period is acceptable."

In forming that view the Inspector took account of "local residents but also users of Town Moor. However with regard to the latter I am satisfied that the impact of a higher number of daily movements is acceptable and is likely to be offset by a reduction in the length of the period during which these movements will occur."

The Inspector was satisfied that the "variety of stringent controls" would be sufficient to avoid the developer hurrying the works and that the reduction in the time taken for the works would be beneficial.

The details of the Appeal can be seen at:

  1. What happened to the application to increase lorry movements to and from the site?
  2. How can I view the air quality, noise and vibration monitoring data gathered by the developer?

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