Badnells Pit / St Mary's Development Frequently Asked Questions

When planning permission was granted, the Secretary of State unusually imposed restrictions on the hours of work as part of a series of measures to minimise the disturbance to residents. On-site works can only occur between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday and between 8am and 1pm on Saturday. No works can take place on Sunday or on Bank Holidays.

In addition loaded lorries are only allowed to leave or enter the site between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturday so that peak traffic periods are avoided.

  1. Are the hours of work on the site or the times of lorry movements restricted?
  2. Why is the hoarding around the site 3m tall?
  3. Will there be an increase in rats when the remediation takes place?
  4. Will the developer pay for me to move out during the works?
  5. How will the Timbertown event be affected by the works?
  6. What happened to the application to increase lorry movements to and from the site?
  7. How can I view the air quality, noise and vibration monitoring data gathered by the developer?

If you have other questions relating to procedures at the Badnells Pit / St Mary's site please contact us:

Telephone: 01628 683810


This page will be updated as new queries arise.

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