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Do I need Planning Permission ?

Image of the interactive houseThe top two links on the right take you to a website called the Planning Portal where information on all the current legislation can be seen. This site includes a list of Common Projects and outlines the conditions for each. You can also visit the Interactive House for further visual information. The pages also cover some of the more complex projects such as change of use, alternative energy sources and conversions between single and multiple occupancy.

Image of A Miniguide

This Portal also includes some visual mini guides for the most common projects: porches, conservatories, loft conversions and extensions. These take you step-by-step through the conditions which apply to carrying out such a project without planning permission.

If you decide that you don't need planning permission you may still wish to apply for a Certificate of Lawful Development, a legal document confirming that your project will be lawfully built without needing planning permission. You can submit an application for this direct from the Plannng Portal.

If you need to make a planning application you can submit an application direct from the Planning Portal. If you do decide to make an application please refer to the page "What Should I Send With My Application" for further advice on preparing your submission. We recommend you get advice from us before making a planning application. You can use the link "Can I Get Some Planning Advice?" on the right to find out how we can provide this for you.

Picture of surface laying You may live in an area where the normal rights to build some developments have been removed by a legal rule called an Article 4 Direction. A downloadable list of where such directions are in force in the Borough can be found below.

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