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Donate your Council Tax savings


Donate your council tax savings and say how you want your money to be spent

For the sixth year in a row the Royal Borough has given residents another cut in council tax - worth more than £480 (at Band D) over those six years.

The reductions have been warmly welcomed by our residents but some have told us that they would rather see their money used for further investment in community facilities and services.

Now we have a simple way for you to 'donate back' your council tax savings if you wish - and tell us how you would like the money to be spent.

You can choose to donate back your savings to:

Highway and pothole repairs
Pavement repairs
Street cleaning and litter removal
Facilities for young people
Improved parking in town centres
Better public transport facilities
Winter maintenance
Tree planting, hedge care and greenery maintenance
Health/fitness projects
Reducing anti-social behaviour
Maidenhead foodshare
RBWM Participatory budgets - helping local groups and projects in your community
No preference.

Here is a quick guide to help you decide how much you might like to give. It shows each council tax band and the savings over 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and six years.

The table below identifies the amount to donate according to your valuation band and the length of time you have lived in the borough.


saving over 6 years

over 5 years

over 4 years

over 3 years

over 2 years

over 1year


























































To donate you will need your council tax account number which begins with a 9. This can be found on all council tax correspondence.

Please note: These are savings relative to a council tax freeze each year.

For example, if your home is in Band D the saving for the most recent one year (right hand column in table above) compared to the 2009/10 rate (ie prior to tax reductions) is as follows:

Council Tax 2009/10


Council Tax 2015/16




Over six years, the total saving has built up as follows (again, Band D):

£41.48 year 1, 2009/10 - 2010/11
£46.83 year 2, 2009/10 - 2011/12
£62.18 year 3, 2009/10 - 2012/13
£91.43 year 4, 2009/10 - 2013/14
£110.81 year 5, 2009/10 - 2014/15
£130.26 year 5, 2009/10 - 2015/16
Grand Total (RBWM Band D, cumulative saving) £482.99

For any further information, please contact us.

All your donations will be used for enhancing the local facilities and services which are particularly important to you and your community. We know these through the results of the annual Participatory Budget (Local Budget) public vote.

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