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Council Tax Annual Bill: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a query relating to your Council Tax bill, please read through this set of frequently asked questions before calling the Council, as the answer to your question may appear here.

No. Your arrears need to be paid separately. It could be that they are being dealt with already by our enforcement agents, or you already have an arrangement to pay the arrears. If this doesn't apply, please pay immediately, or contact us on 01628 683 850 to discuss payment. We may be able to set up an instalment plan.
  1. I’d like to set up a Direct Debit – how can I do this?
  2. How can I tell if I am already on Direct Debit?
  3. I’d prefer to receive my bills by e-mail. Can I do this?
  4. Can I check my council tax account online?
  5. I have arrears from previous year – are they included in my instalment amounts?
  6. The bill says I have arrears but I don't believe I have arrears.
  7. Can I get help with my Council Tax?
  8. I get paid at the middle/ end of the month, can I pay then?
  9. What will happen if I don't pay the instalments on time?
  10. What services does Council Tax cover?
  11. What is the parish charge for?
  12. I am on full benefit so why have I been sent a bill which doesn't give instalments to pay?
  13. My question hasn't been answered in this Frequently Asked Questions sheet, how can I contact you?

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