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Website Feedback

What are the 'faces' for?


The 'faces' offer a simple way for you to rate a web page - happy, neutral or unhappy. This will help us to find out what works and what doesn't, and what needs to be improved. This is a new service and we hope that visitors to our website will use it to rate our web pages. Once we start receiving feedback we will publish the results here.

The service is provided by GovMetric and is also being used when customers contact us by telephone or in person.

What we do with your feedback

When you rate a page or service, we ask you to provide further information - this will help us to identify areas most in need of improvement, and it will also tell us where we are getting things right. We look at every comment we receive and try to act on them as soon as we can.

If we can make improvements through simple changes we will do this straightaway. However, sometimes the changes may require us to do quite a bit of work before we can put things right.

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