Voting Results

Below are all the results of the public vote that take place on the proposals submitted for funding from the Neighbourhood Budget.

Participatory Budget Winner - June 2014 - Thames Valley AAdventure PlaygroundThe project that received the most votes in the April to June 2014 round of voting was Thames Valley Adventure Playground Short Breaks. They were awarded £2,000 and £1,800 match funding.

Upon hearing the good news, Nicky Hutchinson, the Donations' Manager from Thames Valley Adventure Playground said "What can we say but the most massive thank you to the Royal Borough for their marvellous grant and matched funding to go towards our Short Breaks scheme, and, of course, to everyone who so kindly took the time to vote. We are absolutely thrilled to have secured such a superb contribution. It is fantastic to have such terrific backing from the local community and you can be sure that your support will make a very real difference to our users and their families, helping us to provide the stimulating and supportive environment which plays such a crucial part in the lives of so many people with a special need. From all of them, and from everyone here at the Playground, thank you so, so much."


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