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WAM - Get involved logoFind out from groups, charities and Big Society projects about the range of services and activities for residents in the borough and how you can get involved. Stalls, information and competitions for all. Sir Michael Parkinson CBE will be attending the event on behalf of Proud to be Grey campaign.

Free parking available.

Date: Saturday 8 November 2014
Venue: Desbrough Suite, Town Hall, Maidenhead SL6 1RF
Time: 11am-2pm

The Big Society Day is organised by the Borough and WAM Get Involved, a charirty to help local people to get involved with local community projects.

Big Society in action - achievements in the Royal Borough

The difference the Big Society has brought about in the Royal Borough - by empowering local people and giving them more direct input into shaping their own communities - is reflected in a Council report (published January 2014).

Since Prime Minister David Cameron named the Council as a Big Society vanguard authority in July 2010, there have been many achievements. With borough support, thousands of residents are now more involved in making a positive difference through initiatives as wide ranging as Adopt-a-Street, museum and library volunteering, voting for how part of their council tax should be spent and putting forward problem-solving ideas for the Challenge Prize.

Read how the Big Society has brought about community empowerment in the Royal Borough.

Below is a list of projects that the Royal Borough is pursuing as a result of being chosen by the Coalition Government as a Vanguard Community.

The Council's Big Society Panel receives updates at each meeting on the current status of the Big Society projects. These can be seen on the status grid report at the foot of this page. Further information is available in the reports considered by the Big Society Panel.

  • Big Society Projects - Status Grid

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