Specialist Services we provide

Home Teaching programme

The LDD Service offers a home teaching programme for parent or carers to use a small steps approach to learning and to monitor their child's progress effectively. Following a referral being accepted by the LDD Service for a child with learning difficulties, the programme will be offered to families of children under statutory school age who are not attending a local authority maintained nursery school.

Early Years Specialist Groups

For our youngest children the LDD Service provides the Look and Listen Group in Maidenhead to support children from 3-5 years of age with the opportunity to play together, work in a small group and develop their communication skills.

Families are invited to join these groups and places are reviewed termly.

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The EarlyBird parent programme provides support for famiiles with children under the age of 5 with a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder. The programme combines group training sessions for parents with individual home visits. Through EarlyBird we aim to empower parents by giving them knowledge about Autism and providing strategies to help improve their child's social communication and behaviour. Before and after the programme parents are also invited to join the support group which runs jointly with the Berkshire Autistic Society (BAS).

For children between 4-8 years, the ASD team deliver EarlyBird Plus. For further information on EarlyBird Plus, please contact the ASD Team at Furze Platt School.

Short Break Services

We provide a range of short break services to meet the different ages, needs and interests of children, young people and their families across the Royal Borough. To see more information about our policy for short breaks and our short break statement, please visit the What are Short Breaks page. For further information about short break activities, please go the activities page.

For further information about any of the above services, please contact the LDD Service on 01628 685878 or email LDDService@rbwm.gov.uk

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