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BodyZone logoBodyZone offers great Health and Fitness benefits for both school (during school hours) and for the local community, for further information, please call 01344 628686

Charters BodyZone contains fitness equipment to really get your heart pumping. It doesn't stop there; BodyZone has the latest in aerobic machines including Treadmills, Steppers, Rowing machines, a Cross Trainer and a purposely adapted Cycle Zone incorporating three upright cycles and two recumbent bikes, just what you need to warm yourself up for the Conditioning Zone which has been specifically selected to give a wide range of resistance training.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced trainer BodyZone Charters provides everything you need for your current and ongoing fitness requirements. We provide all the extras expected from BodyZone, including Personal Programmes, Consultations and Fitness Assessments with BodyStat analysis. Charters professional team of staff is always on hand to ensure that after every visit to BodyZone you will leave looking forward to your next one!

Student Memberships (13yrs+) now available.


BodyZone equipment BodyZone equipment
BodyZone equipment BodyZone equipment

New mothers' leisure discount scheme

New mums can now get back into pre-baby shape at a discounted rate, thanks to a special scheme being introduced at Royal Borough leisure centres on Monday 1 February 2010. The First Steps scheme offers peak BodyZone membership at 50% off the regular price to new mothers for a full year. And if Dad's the one who wants to work out, the deal can be transferred to the father.

First Steps costs £25.75 a month when paying by direct debit. First Steps membership can be taken out at any time within the first year after the birth of the child and lasts for 12 months.

To join First Steps, applicants should take along bank details and the baby's birth certificate.

Call us now on 01344 628686.

(price correct as of 1 April 2012)

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