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Cemetery Costs

Please note costs listed below are the cemetery costs only and DO NOT include any costs you may incur from any other parties involved in the funeral arrangements, i.e. Funeral Directors, Stonemasons etc.

Residents Fees apply if the deceased person was a resident of the Royal Borough at the time of death.

Please contact us on 01628 796482 for fees relating to babies and children..

Fees from 1 April 2014 - 31 March 2015

Full Interments into a Grave

One Interment



Non Resident
One interment - burial fee £894.00 £1788.00
Deed of Grant for 50 years £1174.00 £2348.00
Total £2068.00 £4136.00

Two Interments



Non Resident

First interment - burial fee £984.00 £1968.00
Deed of Grant for 50 years £1174.00 £2348.00
Total £2158.00 £4316.00
Second Interment
Burial fee (re open of grave to 4' 3") £894.00 £1788.00
Burial fee (re open of grave to 6' 0") £984.00 £1968.00

Cremated Remains Interment

Description Resident Non Resident
New Cremation Plot (2 caskets per plot) £308.00 £616.00
Deed of Grant for 50 years £575.00 £1150.00
Total £883.00 £1766.00
Second casket into cremation plot or grave £308.00 £616.00
"Scatter" into Garden of Remembrance £179.00 £358.00
Columbarium - Oakley Green only - 2 caskets per "niche"- Deed of Grant issued for 10 years £620.00 £1240.00
Second casket into Columbarium £213.00 £426.00

Miscellaneous Additional Fees

Description Resident Non Resident
Use of Chapel at Oakley Green only £155.00 £155.00
Transfer of Ownership of Deed of Grant £52.00 £52.00
Out of Hours Interment (after 2.30 pm November to March or 3 pm April to October) or on a Saturday up to 12 noon - by arrangement only £207.00 £207.00
Specific Needs - choosing plot or short notice £207.00 £207.00
Reservation of grave space for 7 years £581.00 £1162.00
Renewal of Reservation fee for further 7 years 50% of current fee 50% of current fee
Memorial (Permit Only) Fees on application on application
Renewal of grant for 10 years - Oakley Green Columbarium £302.00 £604.00

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