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Benefits - Landlords Frequently Asked Questions

If you suspect that your tenant/s are committing benefit fraud, then you must inform us immediately. Call our free 'Beat the Cheat' line on 0500 353300. You may remain anonymous.

  1. What is Housing Benefit?
  2. Who is eligible to claim Housing Benefits?
  3. How is Housing Benefit calculated?
  4. What are my responsibilities as a landlord?
  5. What is the role of the Rent Officer?
  6. How is Housing Benefit paid?
  7. What can the benefits office tell me about my tenants claim?
  8. What about the Council Tax?
  9. Landlords and Benefit Counter Fraud
  10. More information on Local Housing Allowance (LHA)?

Contact Information:

By telephone: 01628 796036

By email: benefits@rbwm.gov.uk

By post: Revenues and Benefits, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, PO Box 3464, SL6 1XP.

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